Rural Development Projects

Dane County

Dane County Broadband: 2022

The purpose of this study is to understand the accessibility of broadband internet outside of the greater-Madison area. The area of interest was divided into two parts, the North Regoin (severly underserved) and the South region (marginally underserved.)

Sun Prairie

Sun Prairie Express Bus Survey: 2021

The City of Sun Prairie and UW-Extension Dane County requested this study to gather input from City residents about a potential local bus service. The SRC and representatives from Sun Prairie, Madison, and the Greater Madison MPO developed this survey built off of a survey done in 2018 to estimate demand for a commuter bus link between the two cities. 

Polk County


Polk County Housing Survey: 2019

The Polk County Housing Survey parallels a 2018 survey conducted by the Survey Research Center (SRC) at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls for the West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission for Barron County and is in response to the same concern. The survey described in this report was designed to determine how Polk County residents and those who work there but live elsewhere feel about housing in the County.

Barron county

Wisconsin Workforce Housing Survey Barron County: 2019

From late October 2018 through March 2019, employees at 54 of the larger employers in Barron County, Wisconsin were invited to complete a two page survey designed to understand their housing preferences and the housing issues facing their communities. 

Dunn County

Dunn County Residental and Business High-Speed Internet Needs Assessment Survey: 2017

The purpose of this study was to gather input from residents and businesses about internet service in Dunn County.  In June 2017, Dunn County Community Resources & Tourism Committee (CR&T) launched an online survey that was open to all residents and business owners who desired to respond.  Separate versions were created for residents and businesses.  Paper versions of both surveys were available for those without internet access. Dunn County CR&T chose to have the Survey Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls tabulate and analyze the data and prepare a written report.

St Croix County logo


St. Croix County Broadband Survey Report Phase 2: 2016

The purpose of this study was to gather resident input about Internet issues in three areas of St. Croix County.  Area 1 was the southern part of the City of New Richmond; Area 2 was comprised of the Town of Warren, Town of Hammond, Village of Roberts and Village of Hammond. Area 3 was the Town of St. Joseph.

WI Dept of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Waste Agricultural & Film Plastic Survey: 2015

The primary purpose of this study was to gain a greater understanding of the volume, frequency, and current disposal methods of agricultural and boat wrap plastic in the state of Wisconsin in order to attract and retain plastic recycling facilities. The study was organized by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR,) the Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center (SHWEC) of the University of Wisconsin-Extension, and Organic Valley Cooperative. 

Tri County Recycling


Tri-County Recycling Survey: 2020

Tri-County Recycling is a partnership between Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago Counties that creates landfill and recycling efficiencies for the benefit of area residents. The purpose of this study was to obtain input about recycling from younger residents of the three counties, specifically what communication outlets would be most beneficial to pursue when providing outreach, education and public awareness of recycling issues. 

Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike

Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association Economic Impact and User Experience Survey: 2020

The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) project consisted of two surveys, one focused on measuring the economic impact of the trails and the second users' experiences with and feedback about the trails. Part I summaries the findings that gathered demographic information about CAMBA trail users. Part II summarizes the findings of an online survey that gathered some basic demographic information about the respondents.

Clean lakes

Lake Wisconsin Alliance Survey: 2019

The purpose of the Lake Wisconsin Alliance survey was to help the Alliance know what residents most value about Lake Wisconsin, to establish priorities for the Alliance, and to provide insights into how to strengthen the organization. Information gathered consisted of respondents demographics, overall ratings of Lake Wisconsin, uses and concerns about Lake Wisconsin and more. 

Spring green

Village of Spring Green

Village of Spring Green and Town of Spring Green High-Speed Broadband Internet Survey: 2018

The purpose of this study was to gather information from residents and business owners about issues related to high-speed Internet service in the Village of Spring Green and the Town of Spring Green. The information gathered included responses from businesses and residents of Village of Spring Green and Town of Spring Green. 

MN New Country

Minnesota New Country School Visioning Survey: 2016

As part of their "visioning" process, leaders at the Minnesota New Country School (MNCS) sought feedback from parents of children currently enrolled at the school.  

Feedback was sought on how well the school was performing on a number of key metrics, what priorities parents have for future facility or curricular developments, and the reasons parents entrusted their children's education to the school.  In addition, an array of demographic and background data were gathered (gender, education, income, number of children enrolled at MNCS and in what grade, etc.)

Jackson County

Jackson County ATV Trail Users Survey: 2015

The purpose of this study was to assess the economic impact of users of the Jackson County trail network and to solicit feedback from riders about their experience. Information gathered consisted of primary purposes of trip and home locations of respondents, demographics of respondents, information sources of the Jackson County trail network, and more.

Crawford County

Crawford County Farmers Market Survey: 2016

Will Cronin, Community, Natural Resources and Economic Development Educator for Crawford County University of Wisconsin-Extension, requested the assistance of the Survey Research Center of UWRF on a survey focused on farmer's markets in the county. This surveys purpose was to identify barriers preventing County residents from using these markets.