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While it is natural to feel a little anxious about joining a group at first, group counseling has many advantages and most participants ultimately find it a very rewarding experience.

  • Most students have relational issues: conflict with parents, a recent break-up, loneliness, social anxiety, issues of sexual identity. Group counseling gives students an opportunity to get feedback and practice new relational skills in a safe environment. In fact, group counseling can be more effective than individual counseling for many of our clients.
  • Talking with other students helps you to know that others share similar concerns; it is very powerful to know you are not alone. You also learn that your peers can empathize, even with your most painful feelings, and this alone, can lead to a sense of relief, connection, and validation.
  • Peer feedback is sometimes more relevant to a student and easier to hear than the same thing said by a therapist or parental figure. We find that students can be very caring, but also very direct in their feedback. In fact, learning to give feedback respectfully and compassionately is another benefit of group counseling. 
  • Giving to others, in the form of listening, caring, and feedback may be helpful in fostering a student’s own healing. We all know how wonderful it feels to help someone else.

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