St. Croix Institute

Inclusivity, Global Literacy, and Leadership

Within the UWRF Strategic Plan, "Sustainability" is Goal #2 in partnership with Goal #3 - "Global Literacy", Goal #4 - "Engaged Leaders", and Goal #5 - "Inclusivity", all under the umbrella of Goal #1, "A Culture of Learning".  While individual focus on each is critical to understanding the unique role each plays in our mission, vision, and values, it is the collaborative integration of all of these that maximizes the value to our students and stakeholders in their personal, professional, and civic lives as life long learners.  This set of pages is dedicated to that effort.  As such, the unique "thinking head" graphics by syndicated artist Tim Brinton are showcased and representative of the multicultural perspectives by which these goals might be put into context as we think and act upon our knowledge of and relationships with each other and with the natural world, on a local to global scale.  We look forward to your input and contributions.

InclusivityAfrican-American Man revised

Global Literacy