Campus Initiatives and Performance Indicators

Energy and Water Conservation

Campus-Wide Energy Education Campaign by UWRF Leadership Group Student  Faculty/Staff

Students' Fees Providing 100% Green Block Electricity for Residence Halls & University Center

Annual Residence Hall Energy Conservation Contest

Woody Biomass Test Burns for Steam Plant & Co-Generation (Future)

Energy-Efficient Machinery & Lighting Retrofit by Facilities Management

"Save Some Green" Program - Partnership with RF Municipal Utilities

UWRF Wind Turbine Feasibility Study

Solar Site Assessment for UWRF by H & H Solar Energy Services, Inc.

Solar Thermal Collector Installed on Roof of RDI Building for Domestic Hot Water Needs

Photovoltaic Solar Arrays Over Parking Lot O and/or Other Areas (Future)

Rain Garden Maintained by Students with Faculty Supervision

Rainwater Capture & Reuse and Dual-Flush Toilets in University Center

2011 C2E2 Campus Water Recycling Report

Energy and Water Savings Initiatives by Dining Services

Systems that Reuse and Minimize Waste Water at Dairy Learning Center

Drip Irrigation Systems for North Hall and Dahlka Gardens and "Smart" Irrigation System at UC