About the Institute

SCISCD Fellows

The SCISCD Fellows program was developed in 2010 for many reasons, but with one primary goal. That goal is to provide a multi-disciplinary platform for high impact educational experiences. UWRF students and faculty apply the science of sustainable community development to the ecologic, social, and economic needs of the campus, the City of River Falls, the St. Croix region, and all external stakeholders, from local to global.

While it essential that we strive to provide these kinds of experiences for all students, the Fellows program is one more way that UW-River Falls is walking the talk to truly build a Culture of Learning.

The Fellows program provides a holistic, system thinking approach to critical thinking and problem solving. Working closely with the SCISCD Director, faculty, professional staff, and administration, Fellows are immersed in an integrated planning approach that promotes entrepreneurial solutions for campus and community issues.

The program provides credit for independent study, service learning, undergraduate and graduate research, internships, McNair Scholar Projects, and other educational vehicles in close cooperation with the student’s advisers. Financial support and stipends of varying amounts are provided based on the breadth and depth of responsibility for each student.

We are very proud to highlight the work of some of our best and brightest students in the pursuit of their personal, professional, and civic goals as they move to influence the world in the pursuit of sustainable communities.

Funding for the Fellows program is primarily provided through the revenues of the Institute generated from consulting for external clients (public agencies, business, industry, non-profits, and private individuals).