Curriculum, Research, and Pedagogy

Faculty and Student Research

Sustainability Research by Faculty

Gregg Hadley, Ph.D and Brenda Boetel, Ph.D: Economic Assessment of Grazing Systems

William Anderson, Ph.D and Juliet Tomkins, J.D.: USDA Challenge grant to assess feasibility of a sustainable ag major

David Trechter, Ph.D: Various survey projects for county, city, village, and town comprehensive land use plans, some of which include sustainability dimensions; survey of green energy demand by public institutions in western Wisconsin

Jackie Brux, Ph.D: Economic Development of Less Developed Countries, and Association for International Development (AID)

Pascal Ngoboka, Ph.D: Comparative Economic Systems, Uganda Study Tour

John Walker, Ph.D: Political Economy of Discrimination - research examining how earnings differences between self-employed women and men in St. Croix County fits into sustainability. Currently, he has two manuscripts listed below:
1. Earnings, Effort, and Work Flexibility of Self-Employed Women and Men: The Case of St. Croix County, Wisconsin (Revise and resubmit to Journal of Economic Research)
2. The Characteristics of Self-Employed Women and Men in St. Croix County, Wisconsin (under review Center for Economic Research - UWRF)

John Wheeler, Ph.D: Floodplain vegetation and soil erosion in the Santa Ana River Valley

Joseph Gathman, Ph.D: Peak oil and effect on natural ecosystems

Ogden Rogers, Ph.D: Social work implication of implementation of International Humanitarian Law

Gary Onan, Ph.D: Use of deep bedding system for finishing hog operations as an alternative to high-density confinement operations

John Heppen, Ph.D: Advising MA projects related to sustainability for four graduate students

Dean Olson, Ph.D:
1. Waste Fryer Oil Conversion to Biodiesel
2. Utilizing an oil press to produce vegetable oil from soybeans to produce biodiesel

Greta Gaard, Ph.D: Literature of Environmental Justice

Charles Rader, Ph.D: Development of GIS databases for sustainable development

Neil Kraus, Ph.D: Research Not Specified

Dennis Cosgrove, Ph.D: Research on pasture management and rotational grazing

Brian Smith, Ph.D: Fruit Breeding Research

Brenda Wright and Mary Wright: Studying our teaching and learning through the lens of sustainability

Sustainability Research by Students

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