Outreach Projects

Community of River Falls

The relationship between university campuses and the local communities (if not the region) in which they are embedded, commonly referred to as "Town and Gown," dates back to at least the Middle Ages. It is a relationship that is unique to each community in which it is referenced, but never has it been more important than in the context of sustainable community development.

The Town / Gown relationship between UWRF and the community of River Falls (both municipal and town) is one of the most critical, as each of our destinies over the long haul rests largely in each other's hands — ecologically, socially, and economically. The projects noted at right are indicative of the extraordinary commitment and efforts that we are all making to this end and the good of the whole.


          Eco-Village Project

River Falls School District Strategic Plan for Sustainability

The Natural Step Study Circle

County Court Restorative Justice Program