Outreach Projects

Outreach Projects

The scope of the Institute is primarily within the St. Croix River Watershed, but the need to address sustainability goes beyond this area to embrace and serve on a global perspective. The outreach segment of the organization includes consultation services and educational initiatives that cover local, county, regional, state, national, and international needs. Organizational Chart

What We Can Do For You

The Institute is pleased to provide a broad range of consulting services to the communities of the St. Croix Region and beyond, especially presentations and/or workshops for local government, business and industry, civic and religious organizations, and the general public on ecologic and socio-economic topics such as:

• Sustainable Community Development (SCD)

• SCD Models for Comprehensive Planning and Self-Sufficiency

• The Natural Step Model and Study Circles

• Eco-Municipality Resolutions

• Local Food, Fuels, Water, Native Habitat, and Carbon Sequestration Systems

• Peak Oil / Critical Resource Challenge Responses

• Climate Change Responses

• Customized Topics / Programs of Interest