2016-17 Residence Hall Room Sign Up for Current Residence Hall Students

Step 1: Sign a 2016-17 Residence Hall Contract & Request a Roommate

Log into the Portal to sign the residence hall contract and request a roommate. Roommate request deadline is May 13, 2016.

Residence Hall and Meal Plan Portal >>

Step 2: Choose a Room for the 2016-17 Academic Year

Please review the below information for dates and instructions to reserve a room. Identify when the room sign-up phase begins for your preferred hall(s). Then log into the Portal to reserve a room during that phase. All room sign-up phases are done through the Portal, except South Fork Suites sign-up.

Sign Up Brochure
Step-by-step Instructions

2016-17 Room Sign Up Brochure

2016-17 Room Signup Timeline
Room Sign Up Brochure

Floor Plans

Room Sign Up Phases for 2016-17

Tues, Jan. 26: Same Room Signup
    Halls: Ames, Hathorn, May (Floors 1 & 2 only), McMillan, Prucha, Stratton
Thurs, Jan 28: Prucha Hall
Jan 29-Feb 4: South Fork Suites (Still Taking Walk-in Requests)
Fri, Feb 5: Ames Suites
Tues, Feb 9: All Halls (Reserve a different room in your current hall) 
    Halls: Ames, Hathorn, May (Floors 1 & 2 only), McMillan, Prucha, Stratton


Thurs, Feb 11: Redirected Students
     ( Step-by-step instructions >> )  (7am - 11:59pm)
     (Students in Grimm Hall, or May Hall floors 3 & 4 are "Redirected." 
     This phase is for residents unable to sign up for their current 
     space, due to a change in designation of floor or hall)

     Signup Halls: Ames, Hathorn, May (Floors 1 & 2 only), 
                             McMillan, Prucha, Stratton


Mon, Feb 15 - Fri, May 13: (Starts 7am)
Any Hall (Reserve a bed in any of the below halls)
     ( Step-by-step instructions >> )
Room Swap (Change your room assignment or roommate)
     ( Step-by-step instructions >> )
Halls: Ames (Closes March 1), Hathorn, May (Floors 1 & 2 only), 
                McMillan, Prucha (Closes March 1), Stratton


Tues, Mar 1 - Fri, May 13: Current UWRF students living off-campus
     Halls: Hathorn, May (Floors 1 & 2 only), McMillan, Stratton


South Fork Suites (SFS) Room Sign Up

This process is not done online through the Portal. All sign up times and dates will occur in the Residence Life office, located in the back of Hathorn Hall. Please review the below information to ensure you are prepared to reserve a space in SFS.

At least one representative must bring the following form(s) to the respective sign up date and time:

Jan 29 - Feb 2: For Current SFS Residents 
(At least 1 person in each group must be currently living in SFS)
See days / times below

Feb 2 - 4: For Current On-Campus Residents
(For individuals/groups of students who are not currently living in SFS)
See days / times below

SFS Signup Dates

Wait Lists (Begin March 1)

  • South Fork Suites
  • Prucha Hall
  • Ames Suites
  • Traditional Halls single room (only offered if space allows)

Visit the Wait List web page for details about getting on a wait list for a single room in the above halls. The wait list will begin March 1.