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Residence Hall Contract Cancellation & Termination Requests


Common Situations and Reasons for which Contract Termination Requests are Denied

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Residence hall living is a new experience for most students and requires a certain amount of adjustment. If a student has made a fair adjustment to the hall environment, but is still unhappy; a change of hall, room, floor, or roommate may be an effective remedy. Residence hall staff are available to work with residents individually to find a solution if a specific issue continues to be a problem or concern.

Even with documentation from a doctor or therapist, most conditions do not automatically exempt students from policy and contract obligations. Specific health-related conditions and needs must be outlined by a medical or mental health professional. We will work with students individually to make residence hall rooms environmentally and health-friendly.

Requests based on disability require students to identify and discuss with Residence Life staff the specific areas of concern and issues they are experiencing in the living environment. Through this process, the student and staff member will explore access solutions. Residence LIfe works collaboratively with the Ability Services office to meet students' disability-related needs.

Lack of funds alone is not a basis for exemption or contract termination. Finances for the academic year should be considered before choosing to enroll at the University or activating the residence hall contract. Financial aid is available to those who qualify based on need, and Residence Life relies on the expertise of the Financial Aid Office to determine if a student has sufficient financial aid and other funding options to attend UWRF. Financial hardship means there has been a significant change in your financial situation that cannot be rectified since the activation of the contract.

Needing to be at home to help with a family business, take care of siblings or other family members, or take care of pets or other animals is not a reason for a contract termination. The student, along with their family, must explore alternative solutions to accommodate these needs.

The choice to commute from the home of a parent or legal guardian must be made before activation of the residence hall contract. A contract termination will not be granted for a student who wants to become a commuter after the start of the academic year.

Pets are not allowed in the residence halls, but if a student has a documented need for an emotional support animal, they will need to go through the housing accommodation process. Students are encouraged to review materials available on the Ability Services website before starting the request process to ensure they qualify for an emotional support animal accommodation.

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