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Ability Services

Ability Services

Classroom Accommodations:  Ability Services works collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to create an inclusive educational environment for students.  The purpose of academic accommodations is to provide equal access to all educational programs offered at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and the opportunity for students to benefit from them. 

Housing Accommodations:  Residence Life creates the communities in which students live, study and build friendships.  UWRF recognizes that students with disabilities may require a housing accommodation to fully participate in the residential component of the university experience.  Ability Services actively works with UWRF Residence Life to provide reasonable housing accommodations within University-owned housing.  Applications are reviewed by the Residence Life Accommodations Committee. 

Please Note:  Accommodation requests will be considered based on an individual's disability.  Documentation from licensed clinicians, explaining how a student's diagnosis impacts them, is necessary for most disabilities.  All students applying for accommodations at UWRF follow the same process.  Accommodations are not retroactive. Follow the steps shown below to start the process. 


Apply for Accommodations 1-2-3


1. Click the button to complete the application


  • Students will use their Falcon ID (w3xxxxxx) and password to access the online application. Confirmation will be sent to the student's UWRF email account when the application has been successfully submitted.
  • If the student has not applied to UWRF, yet has questions, please call us at 715-425-0740 or email us at
2. Submit documentation of your disability(-ies)
  • We rely on documentation from licensed clinicians (medical / psychological / neuropsychological evaluation) to explain each disability. An IEP could be submitted if the diagnostic information and evaluation are included.
  • If the student needs a form for the treating professional to fill out, our collaborative form has proven helpful to obtain the appropriate information. Here is a link to that form: Collaborative Form
  • To learn more about appropriate documentation, see Documenting a Disability.  
3. Schedule an Appointment

You may call our office Monday-Friday, between 8:00 and 4:30 to schedule an appointment, or follow steps 1-6 below.

  1. Login to A.S. Connect using the student Falcon ID (w3xxxxxx) and password 
  2. Choose Request for Appointment, left column, and click the designated button
  3. Select Type of Appointment    
    Academic Accommodation Intake
    application and documentation submitted
    Faculty Notification Letter, FNL
    final step after receiving letter of eligibility
    Housing Accommodation Intake
    application and documentation submitted
    Review Academic Plan
    review and/or change accommodations
    Existing UWRF Student Inquiry
    Informative meeting, not an intake
  4. Specify if you prefer to meet In-Person or Virtually
  5. Select three available time slots. Appointments typically range from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The time slots you choose give the office a general range when you are available.
  6. Click the Submit Request button.

The A.S. Connect process will notify the Ability Services Office of your request for an appointment.  An Ability Services Staff scheduler will look at your requested times and send you an email appointment meeting invite to your UWRF Student email with the meeting details, format, and location. Appointment schedulers will confirm the appointment with you in 24 business hours of your request, Monday - Friday.

For students who have yet to commit to UWRF and have general questions, please call our office Monday - Friday, 8:00 to 4:30 to make an inquiry appointment

View the Steps from Beginning to End

Click on the Academic Accommodation Process below to learn more.  

Academic Accommodation Process


The time needed to determine accommodation eligibility depends on documentation, appointment availability, and processing time. Accommodations are not retroactive and cannot be requested from an instructor until the student has completed the process. If approved, it is the student's responsibility to email the Faculty Notification Letter, and then make an outward request to the instructor when they'd like to use their accommodation.  Intake appointments for same-semester accommodations stop approximately five weeks prior to the end of a term. After this time, eligibility is considered for the next term. 


Returning Students 

Those who have been approved for accommodations and have used them previously on the UWRF campus.

Click on the A.S. Connect portal to email your Faculty Notification Letters at the beginning of a new term. The link is also available on our Current Students page.

A.S. Connect

If you request accommodations a placement test under non-standard conditions due to a disability, do not register online. Instead, send a letter on high school letterhead from a teacher, counselor, or principal describing the appropriate accommodations you need.

With the letter, please include:

  1. Your address and telephone number
  2. Which site you would like to test at
  3. Which UW campus you plan to enroll

Email this information to, or mail to:

Tim O'Connor, 1025 West Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53706

Dietary Accommodations:  At UWRF, we believe that the ability to dine safely on campus with peers is a significant part of the college experience. Students who need a dietary accommodation related to food allergies or other dietary related diagnoses should contact Dining Services at least two weeks prior to the start of a new semester by completing the Meal Accommodation Form.  

  • UWRF will accept requests and consider documentation for accommodation in University housing at any time.
  • If the request for accommodation is made fewer than sixty (60) days before the student intends to move into University housing, UWRF cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the individual’s accommodation needs during the semester or term in which the request is received.
  • Review for Spring 2022 accommodation requests begins November 16th 
  • Review for Fall 2022 accommodation requests begins April 4 for current UWRF students
  • Review for Fall 2022 accommodation requests begins May 2 for new/transfer students
  • Residence Life will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations. 
  • Helpful forms if immediate documentation isn't available:
    1. Resident form - student completes for disability-related housing accommodation
    2. Clinician form - licensed medical professional completes to support student's need for disability-related housing accommodation

Reasonable ESA accommodation requests are determined by the Residential Life Accommodation Committee.  The process is the same for all inquiries.  Once all steps are completed (application / documentation / intake meeting), it can take up to 30 days to determine eligibility. Only one ESA per student, per campus-owned living unit. 

Step 1: Review this document, University of Wisconsin-River Falls Disability-Related Housing Accommodation to better understand the logistics of the approval process.

Step 2: Watch ESA at UWRF video tutorial to learn more about basic eligibility requirements.

Step 3: Complete the New Student Application (the same one used for classroom accommodation, shown above). In the "Additional Note" section of the application, please note "ESA Request".

Step 4: There are two important pieces of documentation which are required for all ESA requests. 

Note:  Submitting these completed forms does not guarantee approval, rather it means that you have fulfilled the necessary documentation for your housing accommodation request to be reviewed. Both forms are linked below.

1. Student Request Form for a Residence Life Disability-Related Accommodation (the student completes)

2. Clinician Form to support the Student's Emotional Support Animal Accommodation Request (the student's therapist or doctor completes)

Step 5:  Make an Intake Appointment with Ability Services to discuss your request. Documentation must be received before we can move forward to this appointment.

The appointment is required of all students requesting an accommodation.  You may choose in-person or virtual appointments. Please call the office at 715-425-0740, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

First-Year Peer Mentoring Program

If you are an incoming student and would like to be assigned a peer mentor for the upcoming, 22-23 academic year, please fill out the application listed below and we will get you matched with one of our fantastic peer mentors! 

First Year Peer Mentor Request Form

Enrolled students at UWRF with a new diagnosis or an intent to request accommodations:

During Fall and Spring semesters, requests for accommodations need to be completed approximately 5 weeks before the end of the term. Any requests made past the deadline will be at the discretion of the Ability Services Manager to determine if accommodations can be offered for the rest of the semester. For more information on this deadline, please review the "Accommodation Deadline Request Policy" found on our Policies page. 

Person-First VS. Identity-First Language 

Learn more about person-first vs. identity-first language in the disability community 


The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) is a civil rights law that was originally passed by Congress in 1990 (as the Americans with Disabilities Act-ADA) and protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace, as well as school and other settings. The ADA was amended in 2008 and became effective January 1, 2009.

Equal Access for Students

Fostering Independence, Reducing Barriers, & Promoting Inclusion


Ability Services

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