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Ability Services

Honoring Abilities with Equal Access and Opportunity


The mission of the Ability Services office is to arrange equal access and opportunity for students in the way of academic accommodations and to provide students an inclusive and accessible campus community and culture.

The Ability Services Office serves students with a documented disability (ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Acquired Brain Injury, PTSD, Physical, Sensory, Psychological, or Learning Disability, etc.) who need to arrange academic accommodations for their classes.

The goal is to arrange equal access and opportunity for the student. To ensure equal access for eligible students, the Ability Services Office focuses on the following learning outcomes to appropriately guide and support our students. Our learning outcomes are as follows:  Fostering Independence, Reducing Barriers, and Promoting Inclusively.

Please use the "Getting Started" link on the left side to learn more about the process of arranging accommodations.

Alicia Reinke-Tuthill
Ability Services Manager

What is an accommodation?

Accommodations are typically adjustments in the way things are done, not adjustments in the curriculum.  An accommodation could be a different way to receive important information for courses, such as audio textbooks.  It could also be a different way to do important things, such as having additional time to take tests. 

Connect with Ability Services A.S.A.P 


1.) Call 715-425-0740 to schedule your Intake Appointment. Get you questions answered at this time. You can invite a guest to accompany you.

2.) During your Intake Appointment, be prepared to discuss how your barriers affect you as a student. Please also take this time to discuss what academic barriers has or has not worked for you in the past.

3.) Do you have a new diagnosis? No problem. Let's talk about it.

4.) Bring documentation to support your need for accomodation. If you don't have immediate access to this documentation, still meet with us. We'll out the rest later. It's important to be as proactive as possible. 

Accommodations for Placement Testing

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