Academic Policies and Records

Medical Emergency Withdrawal

Partial tuition refunds may be granted through the medical withdrawal process. Tuition appeals related to Medical and Emergency Withdrawals will be taken to a Medical Emergency Appeals Committee. Committee members are represented by an appointment by the Provost, Residence Life, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and Student Billing. If all supporting documentation has been received, the committee reviews these appeals once a month. Additional information: 

  • The student must first withdraw from the university using the online withdrawal form. Check “Medical” as reason for withdrawal.
  • The student must follow the Withdrawal Form directions. 
  • In addition to the online Withdrawal Form, the Tuition Appeal Form must be completed.  
  • All documentation supporting the request must be submitted to the Bursar, which will be brought to the Medical Appeals Committee. A death of an immediate family member requires a death certificate, obituary or death notice. Additionally, a medical appeal REQUIRES documentation from a physician.

Medical/Emergency Withdrawal Policy

The address for submission is: Bursar, Student Billing, 226 Rodli Hall, 410 South Third Street, River Falls, Wisconsin, 54022.