Academic Policies and Records

Second Degree Policy


Students who have a Bachelor's degree but wish to pursue their education further may elect to seek a second degree.

For UW-River Falls graduates, the second degree must be different from the first degree; a student with a B.S. degree would be allowed to work towards a B.A. degree but not a second B.S. degree.  Appeals of the second B.S. degree may be submitted in writing to the Dean of the college offering the second degree.

Individual students may obtain a second degree for which they are eligible by completing the following:

  • Meeting all specific requirements for the second degree.
  • A UWRF graduate must complete an additional 30 resident semester credits beyond the issuance of the first degree.
  • Graduate of another university must successfully complete a minimum of 30 resident semester credits; meet all General Education, professional and major/minor requirements for the second degree.  At least six credits of these credits must be in the major area and at least three credits must be in the minor area; additional major or minor credits may be required by individual departments.
  • The final fifteen credits for the degree must be earned at UWRF unless an exception is granted by the College Dean.