Academic Policies and Records

Academic Merit

Academic Merit before graduation is recognized by placement on the Dean's List.  Superior scholarship is recognized at the completion of fall and spring terms by publication of the Dean's List.  Undergraduate (Freshman-Senior) degree-seeking students are eligible to receive this honor.  Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits, receive a minimum of a 3.500 term grade point average, and have no grades of F, outstanding incompletes or repeat grades during the academic term.  Outstanding SP designations will not preclude students from receiving this honor. (Faculty Senate motion 2014-2015/88)

Graduating Seniors

In addition to these honors, many of the academic departments annually present awards to their student majors which recognize superior scholarship, leadership, or service to the department. Students should also be aware that many of the scholarships available at the University are designated for students with high academic achievement in specific majors or disciplines.