Academic Policies and Records

Academic Forgiveness Policy

The Academic Forgiveness Policy (UWRF Faculty Senate 9.13.1) allows students who experienced prior academic difficulty at UWRF to have one opportunity to have all previous UWRF grades excluded from the cumulative grade point average (GPA). The Academic Forgiveness Policy provides the opportunity for the calculation of a new grade point average for all subsequent coursework for students being readmitted to UWRF.

9.13.2 Restrictions and Explanations

  1. Students must not have been enrolled in any institution of higher learning for at least five continuous years prior to readmission to UWRF except for completion of courses that were a precondition for admission/readmission.
  2. Students can apply for Academic Forgiveness at the time of reentry (Admissions- 103 David Rodli Hall).
  3. To be eligible for Academic Forgiveness, a student must have a cumulative GPA of less than 2.5 at UWRF at the time of readmission.
  4. The request for forgiveness must be approved by the Academic Department Chair and Dean of the College in which the student is applying.
  5. If forgiveness is granted, all UWRF courses taken five or more years prior to readmission (and the grades received) will continue to appear on the student's record, but the student's cumulative GPA will be based solely on credits earned after readmission to UWRF.
  6. If forgiveness is granted, all credit hours with a grade of "D" or better earned five or more years before readmission may be used to satisfy degree requirements even though they are not included in the student's cumulative GPA.
  7. If forgiveness is granted, grades in courses for the major will still count towards the major GPA.
  8. Forgiveness of grades earned five or more years before admission/readmission may be granted only once.
  9. All other UWRF policies remain in effect and are not changed by the granting of Academic Forgiveness.
  10. This policy applies to only undergraduate students seeking their first bachelor's degree.
  11. This policy is effective starting fall semester, 2016-17.
  12. Applicants who intend to use or apply for financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office to identify how Academic Forgiveness may affect financial aid eligibility.

Academic Forgiveness Application