Student Parking Refund Policy

This  policy applies to refunds for citations, citation appeals, parking permits, and overpayments. Temporary parking permits including the summer/Jterm (SUM) and visitior overnight (OVT) are non-refundable. Student and employee parking permits are pro-rated and the refund value depletes. Vendor permits are non-refundable.

Parking refunds will be credited to any University of Wisconsin River Falls debt. Remaining refund balance after all university debt(s) are paid will be refunded using the original payment method. For example if the original transaction was charged to or paid with a Master Card, Discover Card, or eCheck, the refund balance would then be applied back to the original Master Card, Discover Card or bank account respectively. Payments received over the counter in the form of cash or check will be refunded by university check.

University of Wisconsin River Falls debt may be any university fee or fine incurred by parking (citation or permit), tuition, room, board, administrative, application, athletic team, bad check, child care, collection, copy, damage deposit forfeit, equipment, finance charge, graduation, health services, insurance, international, library, locker rental, new student, registration, student association, study abroad/away, textbook, transfer student, weight room, and or withdrawal.


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