Student Parking

2023/2024 Student Waitlist

As the permits are canceled and become available, the waitlists are used as a source to redistribute these permits. Waitlists open September 19th and run through April 1st. Signing up for a waitlist does not guarantee you a permit as they are issued on the basis of availability, eligibility, and waitlist rank. You will be notified by email when and if a permit becomes available for you. A change in student status and/or residential housing status may affect your eligibility for a waitlist. If you sign up for a waitlist that you are not eligible for, you will automaticaly be removed.

There are two types of waitlists: New Purchase Waitlist and a Permit Exchange Waitlists.


The new purchase waitlist is for students that wish to purchase an annual permit once the lots have filled. Permit awards will be assigned according to availability, housing assignments, eligibility, and waitlist rank.

Waitlist Name Housing Requirement Permit Holders Only
23/24 New Purchase Optional No

Each waitlist has requirements for eligibility depending on the lot type, a student's housing status, and permit status. The permit exchange waitlists require a student to already hold an annual parking permit for the current year. Waitlists for residential lots require a housing contract where as waitlists for non residential lots do not.
Please see the chart:

Waitlist Name Housing Requirement Permit Holders Only
23/24 Exchange-E lot-Housing Req Yes Yes
23/24 Exchange-K Lot-Housing Req Yes Yes
23/24 Exchange-N Lot-Housing Req Yes Yes
23/24 Exchange-O Lot-Housing Req Yes Yes
23/24 Exchange-R Lot-Housing Req Yes Yes
23/24 Exchange-G Lot-Housing Reg Yes Yes
23/24 Exchange-PAY3-24/Overnight Optional Yes
23/24 Exchange-PAY3-CM (7am-10pm) Not allowed Yes


Lots/Permits listed according to distance from residential halls.

(For reference only.)

Residential Hall 1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice 4th Choice
West End Johnson E K N
Stratton E K N PAY3-24
Prucha E K N PAY3-24
May E K N PAY3-24
Central Hathorn N G K PAY3-24
East End McMillian R O PAY3-24  
Grimm R O PAY3-24  
Parker O R PAY3-24  
Crabtree O R PAY3-24  
Ames O R PAY3-24  
South Fork Suites O R PAY3-24  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: When does the waitlist open?
A1: September 19th.

Q2: I received a New Purchase Waitlist award email, when can I pay for the permit?
A2: The purchasing instructions are provided in the waitlist award email.

Q3: My friend has received instructions for a waitlist award but I have not. Why?
A3: The waitlists may be processed on a different schedule or the email may have been flaged spam by your email software. You should check your spam or clutter folder incase the award email is there. Please call the Parking Office with additional questions (715) 425-3333.

Q4: What is the difference between PAY3-24 and PAY3CM?
A4: PAY3-24 is overnight parking for a student with a housing contract or without a housing contract. PAY3-CM valid 7am-10pm only with no overnight parking and the students can not have a housing contract.

Q5: Do I need my vehicle information to sign up for a Waitlist?
A5: Yes, registering a vehicle is required when signing up for a waitlist.

Q6: What if I don't know what vehicle I will be driving or I am/will be purchasing a different vehicle?
A6: The vehicle on your account can be updated at anytime so you can add one of your family member's vehicles and update it when you have more information. Please contact Parking at 715-425-3333 or