Visitor Permit

Visitor, students, employees, and the public can purchase a Temporary Parking Permit.

Purchase Permit

Academic Year

OVT Permit (overnight visitor parking) is valid in:

  • PAY3 lot located by Ramer Field or R Meters south of Cold Storage. (Location subject to change - please see location listed on the permit at time of purchase.
  • Permit required.
  • Cost: Monday-Friday/$2.00 per day, Saturday and Sunday/$0.00 per day. 


Summer / J Term

SUM Permit (available from May to August only) is valid in:

  • O Lot (east end), N Lot (center of campus), K & E Lots (west end of campus).
  • Permit required 24/7.
  • Cost: Monday-Friday /$2.00 per day, Saturday and Sunday/$0.00 per day.

If you purchased a student or employee permit for the academic year and it has not expired, it is valid during Summer and J-Term.   

  • Student residential permit O is valid in O lot until the expiration date stated on the permit has been met or it has been returned to the Parking Office. 
  • Student residential permits can be exchanged for an alternate lot upon available for summer parking. Contact the parking office after finals for availability. Visitor permits are available for purchase for Summer and J-Term parking.