Student Parking

Student Parking Information

Parking lots are identified with a sign at each entrance including the lot name and permit type required. Permits are virtual so there is not a permit displayed. Purchase of a parking permit authorizes parking only in the designated lot for the registered vehicle only. Parking in a permitted space without a permit or prior to permit purchase completion is prohibited and the vehicle would be subject to a citation. A permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space but grants the authority to park in the designated lot.

Annual Student Parking Permits:

Lot Valid Time 20/21 Annual Cost Housing Contract Status
E, K, N, O, R, Z  24 hour  $         343.00  Required
PAY3-24 24 hour  $         343.00  Optional
PAY3-CM 7 a.m.-10 p.m.  $         171.50  Not allowed
  • Annual permits are valid from August 1st through the following year August 31st.
  • If you have a residential permit (E, K, N, O, R, or Z) the alternate lot is PAY3 if your lot is full.
  • Only one vehicle can be registered to a student parking permit. This is strictly enforced.

Upon completion of the purchase and subject to valid dates, an email will be sent containing the valid location. Only upon receipt of the email and within the corresponding valid dates, is the registered vehicle granted authorization to park in the designated lot. 

The permit holder is responsible for any parking violations issued to the vehicle registered to the parking permit. If you purchased a permit and are no longer eligible, the permit must be cancelled or exchanged for a permit that you are eligible for subject to availability. Please contact the parking office with questions @ 715-425-3333.

A student can request a permit cancellation at any time. A cancelled permit prior to September 1st is subject to a $35.00 administrative fee. Student parking permits are non-refundable after February 10th. Please see Parking Refund Policy for details. If you wish to cancel your permit, email with your request.

If you withdraw or are placed on academic suspension you must contact the parking office to cancel the parking permit. If you hold a commuter permit, you must cancel or exchange the permit upon moving ON campus. If you hold a residential parking permit, you must cancel or exchange the permit upon moving OFF campus. Exchanges are subject to availability and may include a price differential.  Please contact the Parking office with questions @ 715-425-3333.

Resale, transfer of permit or registering someone else's vehicle to allow them to utilize your permit is prohibited. Use of permit by anyone other than the registered purchaser may result in a fine, revocation, confiscation, and prosecution for theft under 943.2(1)(a), Wis. State Statues or UWS 18.05.

Any student or visitor can utilize Public Parking.

Parking enforcement information can be found at Parking Enforcement.

Annual permits for the 20/21 academic year will be processed through the waitlist. For details on how to sign up, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What permit can I purchase if I have a housing contract? Or if I don't have a housing contract?
A1: See chart below.

Lot Housing Contract Status
E, K, N, O, R, Z  Required
PAY3-24 Optional
PAY3-CM Not allowed

Q2: I purchased a permit, when can I park there?
A2: An email will be sent to your university email informing you that the permit purchase is complete and where you can park.

Q3: If I waitlist for a permit, am I guaranteed one?
A3: Please see the waitlist information. Click here.

Q4: Where should I park on a temporary or short term basis? Where should my visitors park?
A4: OVT - Temporary parking permits are available for a daily rate, including overnight. These can also be purchased for your visitors. For additional information please see: Public Parking.

Q5: What if I move off campus?
A5: Permits for E, K, N, O, R, and Z lots must be cancelled or exchanged for a PAY3-24 if you move off campus before the academic year is completed.