Parking Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Parking Department is to provide safe and secure parking to the campus community and visitors. We do so by: 

  • Issuing parking permits
  • Directing the maintenance of parking lots
  • Managing parking lot signage
  • Enforcing parking regulations
  • Participating in the planning and design of any parking lot expansion, relocation, or removal
  • Developing long term plans for parking and transportation to support the university community needs
  • Planning parking lot development and maintenance; considering both financial feasibility and carbon footprint.  

The Parking Department provides parking services to students, employees, and visitors of the university. It is a self-supporting auxiliary not supported by state funding or student tuition. Parking operation, maintenance, and development expenses are funded by revenue generated from parking services.

Our goal is to provide convenient and quality parking to meet the needs of the campus, community, and visitors. The Parking Program has been established to govern available spaces. These spaces are enforced by the use of parking permits, meters and time restrictions. Parking is only permitted within the confines of a single marked space or in a designated parking bay in a gravel lot.

Parking permits are required when parking in student and employee lots as well as physically challenged areas and loading zones. Please note that specially signed areas such as the 20 minute loading zones with flashers, fire lanes, disabled parking spaces, state vehicle parking spaces and any other restricted spaces are enforced 24 hours per day. Parking is prohibited on sidewalks, grassy areas, fire lanes and where curbs are painted yellow.

The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.

A parking permit does not ensure the availability of a parking space, but grants the authorization to park in specified areas when space is available. If the lot for which you hold a permit is full, you must contact the Parking Department at 715-425-3333 for instructions on where to park.

All vehicles must be registered with the Parking Department. Failure to register vehicles with the Parking Department may result in fines and loss of parking privileges on campus.

Parking information must be obtained from the Parking Department.

If you own, possess, or operate a vehicle on UWRF campus, you are responsible for being familiar with the regulations governing parking on campus. Parking on campus is at one's own risk and the Parking Department is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

These regulations are subject to change during the year. Any changes will be posted on the appliciable web page. Students and employees will be notified of changes via Falcon Daily or an email to thier university email.

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Office Hours: M-F 7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
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