Degree Requirements

General Science Minor

General Science Minor For Elementary Education 24 Total Credits

Life Science & Environmental Science
BIOL 150 General Biology 3 cr.
BIOL 103 Fundamentals of Biological Evolution, 3 cr.
ESM 300 Environmental Education, 3 cr.

Physical Science
PHYS 114 Concepts in Physics, 3 cr.
CHEM 115 Concepts in General Chemistry, 4 cr.
CHEM 215 Chemistry Laboratory Concepts and Techniques, 1 cr.

Earth and Space Science
GEOL 101 Introductory Geology 3 cr.
GEOL 102 Introductory Geology Lab 1 cr.
PHYS 117 Introductory Astronomy 3 cr.

Science, General
elementary / middle teacher licensing

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General Science Minor for Elementary Science Teachers

Courses may be used in the General Education goal three scientific inquiry program. This minor is designed to qualify elementary education majors for middle schools science teacher licensure.