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The Department of Biology prides itself on the diversity of training, research experiences, and interests of its faculty members, as well as a commitment to individualized student attention. At UW-River Falls, students are encouraged to be independent thinkers, challenge traditional wisdom, and to behave ethically and socially. They are encouraged to follow an environmentally sound life-style that will produce responsible global citizens.

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Biology Department offers several degree options that prepare students for various careers. All of the programs place heavy emphasis on undergraduate research as well as provide numerous opportunities for internships and international experiences. For more information about the General Biology, Field Biology, and Biomedical degree options, visit our Degrees page.

Our department is located on the fourth floor of the Agricultural Science building. Please make arrangements to stop in and see us if you are visiting campus!

Biology Students visit River Falls High School


On Thursday, April 4, 2019 a group of Bio 195 students traveled to River Falls High School to share their research on antibiotic-producing microorganisms. They also discussed how bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics if they are misused.

The Tiny Earth program is an effort to reach out to community regarding antibiotic awareness, as well as an effort for students to connect research with real world problems. The Bio 195 students took Bio 160, a general biology course that focuses on freshman research, in the Fall of 2018 and are currently taking 195 with Professor Dr. L. Karuna Chintapenta.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison initiated the Tiny Earth program in June of 2018. Through the program, worldwide partners are working to find new antibiotics from soils by tapping into the collective power of many student researchers. In addition to inspiring students to pursue careers in science through research, it aims to address the worldwide health threat of the diminishing supply of effective antibiotics. Since 2018, Biology 160 students at UW-River Falls have collected soil samples from around campus and different parts of Wisconsin, and more than fifty different bacteria have from those samples have produced antibiotics.

“Undergraduate research, across a range of disciplines, is a distinctive strength of our campus, and it is the dedicated mentorship of our faculty that is a key component of providing these opportunities for UWRF students.” -UW-River Falls Chancellor Dean Van Galen


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Items of note:

Biology Department to have a new home in 2021-2023 in Science and Technology Innovation Center

UW-River Falls Biology Department awarded the 2014 Regents Teaching Excellence Program Award


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