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“Undergraduate research, across a range of disciplines, is a distinctive strength of our campus, and it is the dedicated mentorship of our faculty that is a key component of providing these opportunities for UWRF students.” -UW-River Falls Chancellor Dean Van Galen


UWRF Biology

The Department of Biology prides itself on the diversity of training, research experiences, and interests of its faculty members, as well as a commitment to individualized student attention. At UW-River Falls, students are encouraged to be independent thinkers, challenge traditional wisdom, and to behave ethically and socially. They are encouraged to follow an environmentally sound life-style that will produce responsible global citizens.

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Biology Department offers several degree options that prepare students for various careers. All of the programs place heavy emphasis on undergraduate research as well as provide numerous opportunities for internships and international experiences. For more information visit our Degrees page.

Our department is located on the fourth floor of the Agricultural Science building. Please make arrangements to stop in and see us if you are visiting campus!


New! Biomedical and Health Science Degree

The UW-River Falls Biology Department is excited to announce that a new bachelor's degree in Biomedical and Health Sciece will be offered starting in fall 2019. This is a unique pre-professional degree that is currently only offered at UW-Milwaukee.

"The new Biomedical and Health Sicence major will prepare students who are seeking meaningful careers in the growing biomedical and healthcare industries, on both a local and global level" - Dean Yohnk, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Prior to fall of 2019, the biomedical track was offered as part of a Biology degree. Students in the biomedical track may choose to keep their biology degree with biomedical subplan or may change to the Biomedical and Health Science major. If you are interested in switching to the new degree program, contact your advisor or visit the biology office in 414 Ag Sci.

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Graduate Visitation Opportunity

NDSU will cover hotel charges and up to $100 toward transportation expenses!