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UW-River Falls is home to over 200 student organizations that include a variety of focuses including leadership development, fraternity/sorority life, diversity, education, and service opportunities. The Pre-Health Society, Biology Club, and Resource Management Club are groups of special interest to biology majors. They share common interests and meet for academic, social, and service activities.

To explore all the events and organizations that UWRF has to offer, visit the UWRF Student Involvement page. UWRF students can log in to browse all of the clubs and events on the FalconSync website.

Biology Club

The Biology Club is an on-campus student organization made up of students who share a passion for wildlife and the ecosystem. The group encourages scientific discovery, research, and social interaction with those interested in the biological sciences. Students work with faculty to advocate for resources for students in and out of the biology majors, and strive to help make the University of Wisconsin-River Falls more innovative and sustainable. Biology Club meetings are held Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. in 423 Agricultural Science.


Pre Health Logo

The Pre-Health Society is an organization for students interested in health sciences. The group provides numerous volunteer and work opportunities, hosts speakers, and attends various events throughout River Falls and the Twin Cities. The goal of the organization is to help its members enter their desired graduate programs for health care. The Pre-Health Society meets Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Chippewa River Room, University Center.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The UWRF Pre-Pharmacy Club is an organization on campus for students interested in pharmacy to meet and engage in various activities. Some of the activities include attending pharmacy preview days at various pharmacy schools, job shadowing at area pharmacies, and partaking in volunteer opportunities. The club also discusses what it takes to apply and get into pharmacy school.


Resource ManagementResource Management Club

The Resource Management Club is a volunteer-based organization that provides many hands-on experiences related to post-graduation fields. The club hosts events including invasive species removal, easement monitoring, duck house building, skiing/hiking outings at state parks, wildlife monitoring, and more. Volunteer events can be counted as honors student hours as well as help build a resume.

The club works with various local NGO and government organizations including Trout-Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Prairie Enthusiasts, DNR, National Park Service, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Guest speakers from a variety of career fields are also brought in to talk about internship opportunities and career pathways. In addition to all these opportunities, students can earn professional certificates including chainsaw safety training; herbicide applicator training for prairie, forest and wetland; and prescribe burning certificates during their time in the club. The Resource Management Club is open to the needs of its members and organization events are tailored to give students valuable experiences.



The UWRF Pre-Veterinary Club is designed to gather students with an interest in veterinary medicine to share ideas, network, and participate in activities that broaden their understanding of the veterinary field. The club attends the national American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (APVMA) symposium each year and brings in a wide array of zoo veterinarians and admissions office speakers from various veterinary colleges. The club also hosts a panel discussion so students may ask questions about the job or application process. The club is very active in community service, fundraising, and other social networking activities including picnics, intramurals, movie nights, and bowling. Meeting dates and times can be found on the Pre-Veterinary Club orgsync website or the organization's Facebook page.


Sustainability Opportunities

In addition to the Resource Management and Bee clubs, there are several student organizations at UWRF that focus on sustainability. We Bike River Falls promotes bicycle friendly transportation and works to provide a greater accessibility to bicycles. UWRF Green Team promotes sustainability on and off campus through various activities, events, individual statements, and educational activities, and the Student Alliance for Local and Sustainable Agriculture (SALSA) focuses on advancing club member and community education through various activities and presentations. SALSA also maintains an organic vegetable and herb garden on campus. The produce generated from the garden is processed into salsa and sauerkraut by club members, canned, and sold throughout campus and the community as a way of raising funds and awareness.


Bee Club

Bee Club is a group of students who are interested in learning about bee keeping and the impact bees have on the environment. The club focuses on learning the safety procedures and what is involved in keeping bees. Activities focus on ways to help polinators, as well as to find ways to counter the global decrease of bees. Meetings are every Monday at 5 p.m. in the sustainability office in North Hall.


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