Faculty Awards

Gerbec, Betsy

Betsy Gerbec

UW-River Falls Distinguished Advisor, 2020


Cheng-Chen Huang

Keith Wurtz Award for Teaching Excellence, 2021

UW-River Falls Distinguished Teacher, 2012



Karen Klyczek

UW-River Falls Distinguished Teacher, 2000

College of Arts and Sciences Awards

Excellence in Advising

Karen Klyczek, 2013; Mark Bergland, 2012; Elaine Hardwick, 2006; Tim Lyden, 2005; E. Katherine Miller, 2002

Excellence in Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities

Joseph Gathman, 2019, 2012; Tim Lyden, 2011; Karen Klyczek, 2010; Clarke Garry, 2006; Mark Bergland, 2004

Ecellence in Service

Karen Klyczek, 2012; Brad Mogen, 2009

Excellence in Teaching

John Wheeler, 2017, 2011; Joseph Gathman, 2015; John Ford, 2015; Betsy Gerbec, 2012; Tim Lyden, 2008 Karen Klyczek, 2007, 1995; Clarke Garry,  2004, 1993; Mark Bergland, 2003, 1990; E. Katherine Miller, 2000; Douglas Johnson, 1999, 1988; Carl Finstad, 1992

Applied Research Grants

The UW System Administration offers grant programs to encourage faculty to utilize their expertise and apply their scholarship to support economic development in Wisconsin. In 2017-2018, biology professor Dr. Chang-Chen Huang received a Prototype Development Fund Grant for novel chemotherapeutic compounds that reduce melanoma cancer stem cells.


Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grant

In December 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $10 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant to a research group that includes University of Wisconsin-River Falls Associate Biology Professor Joseph Gathman.
The grant was awarded to Central Michigan University and a collaborating group of researchers and agencies to monitor coastal wetlands around the Great Lakes basin over the next five years. UWRF and Gathman's portion of the Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 2grant will be used to fund research on Lake Erie and Lake Huron, as well as student assistance on the project. Gathman and his crew visit 30 wetlands each summer to measure their condition. The findings allow them to determine which wetlands are in greatest need of restoration

"Representing UWRF in this large-scale project helps me to incorporate the most up-to-date environmental-monitoring methods and data into the classroom, while I contribute to this effort to protect and restore critical habitats in the largest body of freshwater in the world," said Gathman


UW System Regent Scholar Program

The Regent Scholar program provides prestigious grants to faculty or campus programs that undertake undergraduate research projects having the potential to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and talent development. UW-River Falls biology professor Dr. Tim Lyden was awarded a grant in 2015 for development and testing of a new miniature bioreactor system prototype as an enabling technology for the "Living Biopsy" approach to cancer research and diagnosis. The project combines scientific insights from 3D artificial tissue generation research performed with undergraduate resesearchers at the UW-River Falls Tissue and Cellular Innovation Center.

Science Magazine

Inquiry Based Instruction Prize

The IBI Prize was developed by Science Magazine to showcase outstanding materials, useable in a wide range of schools and settings, for teaching introductory science courses at the college level. Biology professors Mark Bergland and Karen Klyczek as well as Chi-Cheng Lin, Mary Lundeberg, Rafael Tosado-Acevedo, Arlin Toro, Dinitra White, and Bjorn Wolter are the winners of this prize for creating an online educational system known as Case it! The system contains online case studies and analysis tools that allow students to explore DNA testing and its reverberations in lifelike applications. Read more here.

"With Case It!, students are offered case studies with multiple scenarios, for example tracing a mutated gene back through a family tree," says Melissa McCartney, editorial fellow at Science, "enabling them to come at a problem from different biological, social and ethical perspectives."