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All reimbursement will need to submitted within 90 days of the event or when the item(s) were purchased.

Department Refund

When a student receives funding from the URSCA Office, they can either pay out of pocket for their expenses or go through their department. When a student goes through their department, their department can fill out a Request for Transfer form now through DocuSign . 

This form will do an internal transfer of funds between the URSCA Office and the department. When filling out this form in RFT format and then will be processed and signed through DocuSign.  There are a few additional documentations that must be provided in order to receive the transfer of funds.

Request for Transfer Form (All fields must be completed)

  • Receipts of purchases that follow grant guidelines and receipt requirements 
  • The WISDM documentation of each item that was purchased through the department
  • Student’s grant letter
  • (For Falcon Travel Grant) Proof that the event did occur and that the student did attend

The complied documents should be in RFT format and sent over to URSCA, which will then be processed through Docusign . 

If the department only cover part of the student’s expenses and had the student cover the remaining expenses, please move to the next section about how students may receive their refund. 

Student Reimbursement

Students who have paid for their travel or supply expenses out of pocket will receive a reimbursement check.

To receive your check, you must email us at to fill out our non-employee profile set up form. When you receive this form, please fill out the top section. Afterwards, please send it to your mentor to fill out the Alternate Information section along with your supporting documents. 


Supporting Documents Needed:

  • Receipts of purchases that follow grant guidelines and receipt requirements 

  • Your grant letters 
  • (For Falcon Travel Grant) Proof that the event did occur and that you did attend

After the form is sent to, a profile will be made for you. Once your profile is created, your mentor may input your expenses for our office to review. 


URSCA's Non-Employee Profile Set Up Form Request



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Mentor Reimbursement 

Mentors looking to get reimbursements can directly log onto Travel Wise and begin their process there. Like all reimbursements, mentors will need supporting documents. Once everything is submitted, our office will be able to review the information and process your request.

Supporting Documents Needed:

  • Reciepts of purchases that follow grant guidelines and receipt requirements 
  • Student's grant letter 
  • (For Falcon Travel Grant) Proof that the event did occur and that the student/mentor did attend

Travel Wise Reimbursement 

These are a few selected use guides to help navigate through the e-reimbursements. To look at the full list of user guides for e-reimbursments, please click here.


Student Travel Forms

If you are traveling to a conference as a group through the URSCA Office, please complete and submit the forms below prior to travel. All forms may be emailed to

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