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Working in Isolation

UW River Falls is committed to ensuring the safety of faculty, staff and students who work, volunteer, or perform for credit activities alone in potentially hazardous environments within, but not limited to campus teaching and research laboratories, studios, workshops and other facilities or environments.
Individuals conducting hazardous operations or using hazardous chemicals or materials within campus laboratories, studios and workshops, research facilities or similar environments ordinarily should NOT work in isolation. Those performing maintenance or repair of equipment or campus property involving hazardous operations, chemicals or materials ordinarily should NOT work in isolation. At least one other individual who is knowledgeable of safety equipment and can come to the aid of the worker should be in visual or audible range.  These procedures do not supersede activities that have more stringent requirements such as permit required confined spaces.

Individuals may work in isolation if they receive explicit written approval from the person in charge of the work. Written approval may be granted if the person in charge of the work has completed the checklist of items provided in this policy. A copy of the completed checklist is forwarded to Risk Management upon request.

Work in Isolation Policy

Potentially Hazardous Campus Operations

Job Hazard Analysis Form (.xlsx)

Checklist for Working in Isolation

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