Accident and Injury Reporting



If you are an employee injured on campus, it is imperative you take the steps given below.  Your health, future well being, and worker's compensation coverage greatly depend upon your taking correct and immediate action.

  1. Seek medical attention or first aid as quickly as possible, informing your provider you have a worker's compensation claim.  If unsure whether to call for an ambulance or drive to a medical provider, read tips about when to call an ambulance.

  2. Within 24 hours of the injury, report the occurrence to your supervisor and complete the Employee's Work Injury and Illness Report.

  3. In addition to the Employee's Work Injury and Illness Report, two more reports must be completed by you and your supervisor immediately.  The forms can be found on the Worker's Compensation page in Human Resources.  For more information regarding these forms, email Jennifer Friedman or call 715-425-3621.

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