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A volunteer is a person who provides services freely and without coercion, direct or implied; who neither receives nor expects to receive any kind of pay or compensation for his or her services; and, are not otherwise employed by the same public agency to perform the same services as those for which they propose to volunteer.

Volunteers should not perform duties that are typically performed by permanent employees.  Volunteers should be supplementing the work done by employees, not replacing the need for paid staff.

PLEASE NOTE:  All requests must be submitted by an employee of UWRF. This should not be used for anyone who will be entered into the HRS system as an employee of UWRF or anyone currently enrolled as a student.

Volunteer requests provide the detail that is needed for an individual on campus serving in any non-employee role; also for granting access to campus resources for individuals who do not have UWRF HR appointments.  (Examples include but are not limited to:  visiting scholars, student org advisors, interns, camps/clinics facilitators, University Advancement employees, etc.) .

All volunteers are required to complete Executive Order #54 Required Training for Volunteers; if identified as a Position of Trust, a criminal background check is also required prior to appointment.

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