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Peroxide-Forming Chemical Safety

Peroxide-Forming Chemicals

Guidance for the management of reactive chemicals

Many common laboratory chemicals can form peroxides on exposure to air so that a single opening of a container can allow peroxide formation to occur.  Some compounds form peroxides that are violently explosive in concentrated solutions or in solids.  Such compounds should never be evaporated to dryness.  Others are polymerizable unsaturated compounds that can initiate a runaway, explosive polymerization reaction. 

Highly Hazardous:

Most Commoly Used Chemicals:

  • 2-butanol
  • tetrahydrofuran
  • diethyl ether
  • 2-propanol (IPA)
  • dioxane styrene

Less Commonly Used Chemicals:

NOTE: This list is a representation of typical peroxide-forming compounds.  However, it is not inclusive of all peroxide-forming compounds.  It is good practice to consult the Material Safety Data Sheet and appropriate references for the safe handling of any chemical product.

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