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No safety program can succeed if housekeeping and maintenance are not seen as important to the effort. 

Good housekeeping reduces accidents, improves morale, and increases efficiency and effectiveness.  Most people appreciate a clean and orderly workplace where they can accomplish their tasks without interference and interruption.

  • Tools must be kept clean.
  • Aisles free and clear of obstructions. 
  • Floors kept dry.
  • Materials stored properly to prevent material tipping and falling hazards and stored so pieces are not protruding into walking or working areas.
  • Flammables, corrosives, and toxic substances require special storage and removal.
  • The processes general dust, scrap, metal filings and chips, waste liquids, scrap lumber, and countless other by-products that must be disposed.

Housekeeping is a continuous process involving all workers.  A good housekeeping program incorporates the housekeeping function into all processes, operations, and tasks performed in the workplace.  The ultimate goal is for each worker to see housekeeping as part of their job performance and not as an extra task that someone else should do.

OSHA requires good housekeeping.

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