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Compressed Gas Cylinders


When cylinders are mishandled they may explode, release their hazardous contents or become dangerous projectiles.  move large cylinders with a cylinder cart and secure them with a chain.  To protect the threads and the valve, make sure a cap is in place when the cylinder is not in use.  If a cylinder is dropped, knocked over, involved in a fire, or potentially damaged, take it out of service and send it to the manufacturer for inspection.

If a cylinder is damaged, in poor condition, or the contents are unknown, contact your cylinder vendor.  If a cylinder is damaged beyond repair, it is to be destroyed.  The vendor should return the damaged cylinder to the manufacturer for destruction.


Store cylinders in areas designated and marked only for cylinders.  Cylinders should be stored in compatible groups.

  • Flammables from oxidizers
  • Corrosives from flammables
  • Full cylinders from empty ones
  • All cylinders from corrosive vapors
  • Always store cylinders securely, whether full or empty
  • Roll a cylinder to move it
  • Carry a cylinder by the valve
  • Leave an open cylinder unattended
  • Leave a cylinder unsecured
  • Force improper attachments on the cylinder
  • Refill a manufacturer's serviceable cylinder
  • Discard pressurized cylinders in the normal trash

The cylinder markings shown below are an example of what would appear on an actual cylinder.  The top mark is either a DOT or an ICC marking indicating pertinent regulations for that cylinder.  The second mark is the serial number, no two serial numbers may be duplicated.  Under the serial number is the symbol of the manufacturer, user, or purchaser.  Of the remaining marks the numbers represent the date of manufacture, and retest months - month and year.  A (+) sign indicates the cylinder may be 10% overcharged, the star indicates a ten year test interval.

Compressed Gas Diagram
Compressed Gas Cylinder Markings

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