Registration Information

Registration PIN and Advising


Students must schedule an appointment with their academic advisor before their registration date. During this appointment their advisor will help  them select what courses to take and plan their program. At the end of this appointment the advisor will give the student their registration PIN. Students must have this PIN number in order to register. Students can find out who their advisor is by logging-in to eSIS, and on the right side of the home page looking at the box that is labeled "Advisor."

Students that don't need to see an advisor or obtain a PIN number:

  • Graduate
  • Non-Degree Seeking
  • Post Baccalaureate
  • Re-entry

Registration PIN

After receiving their registration PIN number from their advisor students must enter their PIN number into their eSIS account in order for them to register.

  • Steps for students to enter their PIN number in eSIS
    • Log-in to eSIS
    • Locate the drop down menu to the left of their academic schedule
    • Select "Registration PIN" from the drop down menu
    • Click the blue arrows next to the right of the drop down menu
    • Enter your PIN number on the new page
    • Click the "Save" button
    • You are now ready to register

    Reg. PIN Step 1

  • Reg. PIN Step 2