Registration Information

Registration Information

Viewing Your Enrollment Date

  • Log-in to your eSIS account
  • Locate the "Enrollment Dates" box along the right side of your home page
  • It will say "Enrollment Appointment" in the box, click "Details" in the bottom right of the box
  • You will be brought to a new page that shows your enrollment date and time
    *** Enroll for your classes as soon after this time as you possibly can in order to ensure you have the best available class selection


If you cannot register due to a hold on your account, you can check for holds in your eSIS account. If you log-in to your eSIS account, on the top right of the home page there will be a box that says "Holds." In this box it will list any holds on your account you may have. If you do not know how to take care of a hold, you should contact the department or office the hold is dealing with.

Academic Level

Senior: 90+ credits
Junior: 60 - 89.0 credits
Sophomore: 30 - 59.9 credits
Freshman: 0 - 29.9 credits

*** Your current credit load will NOT be included in your total credits to determine your academic level

Class Time Breakdown

Lecture: 1 hour/week = 1 credit
Lab: 2 or 3 hours/week = 1 credit
Discussion: 1 hour/week = 1 credit
Online: 14 hours/semester = 1 credit

Student contact hours for a 100 percent face to face section requires 740 minutes of class time for each credit, plus  a minimum of 1480 minutes of out-of-class work or the equivalent amount of work over a different amount of time.  Equivalent work can be defined as any other activities established by UWRF including: distance/online education, mixed face to face/hybrid, studios, co-op experiences, internships, laboratory work, education abroad, directed independent work or any other academic work leading to the awarding of credit hours.  The full policy regarding student contact hours please see Chapter 9.2.2 of the
Faculty Senate Handbook

List of Section Numbers

15 -  GIS certificate
30+ - Mixed Instruction Mode
39 -  Test Out (Modern Language and Math)
40 -  ITV
45 -  Wisconsin in Scotland
50 -  English Test Out
50's -Outreach Book Study (TED 695)
55 -  Experience China
60's and 100's - Dual Academic Credit Program
65 -  Hudson Center
70 -  Study Tour Abroad
75 -  International Traveling Classroom
76 -  International Traveling Classroom
80 -  ZISU Courses 
90+ -Online
95 -  Alliance

Academic Term Code Definitions