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Course Numbering

Course numbered in the 100s are intended for freshman, 200s for sophomores, 300s for juniors and 400s for seniors. Courses numbered below 100 do not carry credits toward a degree. Freshman may not register for 300 or 400 level courses without permission and sophomores may not register for 400 level courses without permission. This permission must come from the chair of the department offering the course. Courses in the 500s and 600s are reserved for graduate students.  Slash courses are numbered with both undergraduate and graduate numbers (300/500, 400/600.) Freshman and sophomores are not permitted in 300/500 and 400/600 courses. Juniors and seniors are permitted in 300/500 and 400/600courses. No undergraduate students may enroll in 700-level courses under any circumstances. A sophomore may petition the Dean of Graduate Studies for admission to a 300/500 course, but only under extraordinary circumstances, and with written support of the instructor and adviser.