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Auditing and Pass/Fail Courses

Auditing a Course

In order to audit a course the student must register for the course as usual in eSIS. (If you are not currently enrolled contact Admissions for the appropriate steps to become a student) After this the student must pick up an audit card in the Registrar's Office, fill it out, and get it signed by the instructor of the course. They then must turn it in to the Registrar's Office on the fifth University business day of the term. The cards will be processed on a space available basis. Prior to turning in the audit card, the student should discuss the course requirements with the instructor. Any student who enrolls on an audit basis may NOT change to a credit basis during the term of enrollment.

Courses that are registered on an audit basis will appear on the students official transcript with an "audit" indicated as the grade, and there will not be any credit awarded for the course. Wisconsin residents who are 60 years of age or older by the first day of the term may audit a course without paying the credit fees. For more information on tuition and fees associated with auditing a course, please visit the Tuition and Fees section of the Student Billing page.

Pass/Fail Courses

Courses taken under the pass/fail system will be considered only as elective courses, unless it is a course offered only on a pass/fail basis, such as student teaching and cooperative internships in CAFES. These courses will not complete any specific requirements other than the overall credit requirement. A Pass/Fail form must be submitted and approved before the end of the second week of each semester. After the second week of the semester students may not change either to or from a pass/fail basis, or after the first week of a summer session. The form requires a signature from the student's advisor and the Dean of the college. There is a list of provisions on the back of the form that every student should read through and discuss with their advisor before choosing to take a course on a pass/fail basis.

Students will receive an "S" grade for passing the class which will be counted towards their total credits, but not towards their GPA. If a student does not pass the course they will receive a "U" for an unsatisfactory grade, which is treated as an "F" and does affect the students GPA in the same way.

Junior or senior students who are not on scholastic probation may take one course per semester on a pass/fail basis with a maximum of three courses or nine credits within the degree program. 

Students who are undecided about a major or option should not take courses on a pass/fail basis which might later become part of their requirements. Students in pre-professional programs, including preparation for graduate study, should avoid taking courses under the pass/fail system which may be required or recommended for such study.