Aspire Program


Scholarship Opportunites 

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Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant (LUMRG)

The intent of the Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant (LUMRG) is to provide financial assistance to designated underreepresented minority undergraduate students to improve opportunities for retention and graduation and lessen the burden of student debt. 

Success Scholarship 

A one-time award for students with unique backgrounds and experiences or economically disadvantaged incoming first-year students. Preference will be given, but is not limited to, participants from college access programs.

Falcon Transfer Scholarship 

Eligibility: Transfer student with a 3.5 GPA from the institution they are transferring from. This is a one-time award.

Study in Wisconsin Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to non-resident students and is renewable for up to four years. This award excludes Minnesota (due to reciprocity), Midwest Student Exchange (MSEP), and Return to Wisconsin participants. Students will be automatically awarded after admission. This scholarship can be combined with other merit-based scholarship


Academic Resources


Tutoring Center

The Student Success Center's mission is to empower students to become confident, independent learners through facilitation of the learning process. SSC offers online one on one tutoring 
two types of free* tutuoring of which are appointment based and tutoring centers. 

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Writing Center

The writing center falls under the English Department and is a place where tutors can help students to write to write more effectively on their own. Undergraduates and graduates enrolled in classes from all subject areas can visit the center for assistance in all stages of the writing process (pre-writing, organizing, writing, revising) to improve as writers. 

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Student Support Resources 


Ability Services 

Honoring Abilities with Equal Access and Opportunity. Ability Services is an office for students with medical, physical, sensory, or brain related issue that can substantially impact a college education. The impact could be related to their courses or ability to live on-campus. The goal is to arrange equal access and opportunity for the student. A primary way of accomplishing that goal is through various kinds of accommodations.

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Counseling Services 

Professional counselors are available to help students work through a wide variety of issues that they might be facing during their college experience.

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Financial Aid Services 

Learn about types of aid, applicaition processes, applying for the FAFSA, and much more from our Financial Aid Office at UWRF. 

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Student Health Services 

Student Health Services enhances students' health by providing basic health services, access to information and resources, advocacy for campus health policies, and prevention focused programming so that students can successfully pursue their academic, personal, and professional endeavors.

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Student Support Services 

The Student Support Services (SSS) Program at UW-River Falls offers a number of educational outreach and enrichment opportunities to maximize your academic success at the college level. Program participants receive access to one-on-one academic coaching, leadership and community service opportunities, career/graduate school advising, opportunities to participate in social/cultural activities, financial literacy, and assistance with accessing campus services.

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Student Organizations 

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls has over 150 student organizations on campus that range from athletic clubs to social fraternities/sororities and academic honoraries. Our search feature allows you to find one that meets your interests as well as provides the contact information for the organization.

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Leadership Opportunites 

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Residence Assistant 

Student Support Services Mentor 

Orientation and Transition Leader for New Student Registration and Week of Welcome



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