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Sebastian Biebighauser Headshot. Male with black hair smiling at camera while wearing a black sweatshirt with UW-River falls text and a red falcon head

Sebastian Biebighauser (he/him/his)

Hi! My name is Sebastian Biebighauser and I'm a fifth year student double majoring in criminology and sociology. This is my second year as an Aspire peer mentor. As a mentor, I hope to be able to help my mentees transition into life at UWRF as smoothly as possible. I want to be a resource for my mentees and if they have any questions, I'll be here to try and answer them to the best of my ability.

Photo of Mai Nou, a female with long black hair wearing a white tshirt and jeans with a black bag around her shoulder. She is sitting in the grass with people standing in the distance.

Mai Nou (she/her)

Hi! My name is Mai Nou and I am a senior majoring in sociology. As a mentor, I'm excited to be part of my mentees' journies in college and see their growth throughout this new experience!

Photo of Jazlynn Vang, an Asian woman wearing a pink cropped sweater, white tank top and blue jeans. She has long black hair and is wearing black glasses and is standing in front of a large floral arrangement made up of white and pink roses and peonies.

Jazlynn Vang

Hello! My name is Jazlynn Vang and I am a sophomore at UWRF. I'm majoring in social work and this is my first year being an Aspire mentor, although I was a mentee during my first year here. I am super excited about being a mentor as I love working with students and being able to help and support their needs as they enter their first year of college. I hope to guide students through their first year experiences and hope to answer any questions students have for me!

Sy Hu

Hey folx, my name is Sy Hu. I'm a third year student majoring in communications. This will be my first time mentoring but I'm very excited to work with my mentees. I know that this can be a difficult time for students but know that I'm always in your corner!

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