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Nelson Center

Emogene NelsonA wing of May Hall was named The Nelson Center at a dedication ceremony Nov. 15, 1986 as a memorial to Emogene Nelson. Dr. Emogene A. Nelson (1925-1984) was a pioneer in physical education and competitive sports for women. She was named UW-River Falls Distinguished Teacher in 1976, received the Distinguished Alumna Award in 1982 and became the first woman named to the Athletic Hall of Fame in 1983. She earned the rural education degree in 1944 on the River Falls campus where she was an "R" winner in the Women's Recreation Association. She received a B.S. degree from La Crosse State Teachers College. She taught in elementary and high schools in Cornell, Durand and at Spooner, Wis. She earned M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Minnesota and taught at Florida Southern University and Mankato State University before joining the faculty at River Falls in 1959. When the first Wisconsin Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Conference was created in 1978, Dr. Nelson took a leave of absence from her River Falls responsibilities to serve as its executive secretary and led the colleges and universities into the field of women's competitive sports. She was head of the physical education department from 1970-73 and was assistant to the vice chancellor for academic affairs after 1973. During her years on the faculty she coached women's basketball, track and softball and was adviser to the Women's Recreation Association and Delta Psi Kappa.

The Strength and Conditioning Center, Aerobics Studio, and a classroom are housed in the Emogene Nelson Center.


Strength & Conditioning Center

Since 1998, the UW-RF Strength Center has been helping all students meet their fitness and strength goals, with our "Hands On" policy which states : We offer a clean, comfortable establishment which is constantly updated. Our helpful staff, does not work on commission, if you need help, we are there to help you!

Joining a gym is an investment. We want you to get the most out of your investment! Our reputation depends on it!

Strength Training Equipment:  12 Samson Squat Racks, 17 Fixed and Adjustable Benches, Hammer Strength and Pinnacle Lines of Equipment, Dumbbells from 5 to 110 pounds, 20,000 pounds of free weights

Cardio Equipment:  6 Life Fitness Ellipticals, 3 Life Fitness Stationary Bikes, 2 Star Track Stair Steppers, 2 Magnum Tread Mills

For more information contact:
Strength Center ~ 425-0607
Carmen Pata, Director of Athletic Performance ~ 715-821-0538


Aerobics Studio

Please bring shoes with you, as no street shoes are allowed on aerobics floor.

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Lab serves two functions. It provides opportunities for students to gain experience administering physiological performance-related and health-related fitness assessments. Furthermore, all students, employees and community members are welcome to set up an appointment to undergo the fitness assessments. Assessments can help emphasize the importance of having an active lifestyle to achieve and maintain high levels of cardiorespiratory function, ideal amounts of body fat, sufficient muscular strength and endurance and flexibility especially in the lower trunk and posterior thigh areas for a healthy back. It is a way to assess your present fitness level in a particular area and can be done on a pre-post basis to evaluate the effectiveness of a physical activity program. Fitness testing can be a means of motivating you to set short- and long-term goals; a motivator for improvement and a reinforcer for fitness maintenance! The Health-Related Fitness Assessment includes evaluation of cardiorespiratory fitness (treadmill testing or step test), muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition (underwater weighing or skinfolds), with recommendations for the development and maintenance of each.

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