HHP Physical Education Academy, homeschool class

Physical Education Academy

The Physical Education Movement Academy provides children in River Falls and the surrounding area with quality physical education. It's staffed by students majoring in Health and Physical Education and includes lesson plansand supervised instruction from UW-River Falls faculty. Participants will be introduced to activities that are designed to help improve motor skills and fitness levels, as well as to develop positive social behaviors. The Physical Education Movement Academy Program is a planned instructional progra, that provides standards-based physical education lessons that focus on health-related physical fitness, skill development, safety, and positive social interactions. Activities include locomotor and non-locomotor skills, hula hoops, beanbags, scarves, catching and throwing, and parachute. 



The PE Academy will also offer Fall Semester ** Homeschool Health classes ** for Grades 7-12 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the same days as the PE Academy. Topics are below.



Health Education Topics


Nutrition and Healthy Eating

My Plate, food groups, nutrients, reading a food label, choosing healthy snacks, choosing healthy foods when eating out and creating a healthy meal plan

Consumer and Community Health

Health advertising, making smart buying decisions related to health, reliable health resources

Mental and Emotional Health

Self-esteem and self-concept, mental health versus mental illness, causes and signs of stress, stress coping mechanisms, SMART Goals

Physical Health

Types of exercise, types of physical fitness, creating a fitness plan, getting adequate sleep, wearing sunscreen, taking care of your skin and teeth


Common types of chronic and communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, the common cold, asthma and allergies., and making healthy choices to prevent and reduce symptoms of common diseases, recognizing signs and symptoms of common diseases

Injury Prevention and Safety

Bike, pedestrian, motor vehicle safety, recreational safety, preventing sport and other injuries, treating common injuries


Location: Karges Gym in the Falcon Center on UW-River Falls Campus


Cost: $10 for all 7 sessions 1/2 hour sessions 


Parking: The parking lot outside of the Falcon Center (P lot) is a pre-pay lot, by spot. You can pay cash/coin or credit card. The rate is $1 per hour. 


Contact: Kristen Csiacsek, Academy Director at or 715-425-4836 CC Morgan Wilson, Program secretary at to sign up or just show up! There will be a media release and liability form to fill out on the first day. 






September 19, 26

October 10, 24

November 7, 21

December 5


Times by Grade:

Grades k-2: 1:15-1:45

Grades 3-6: 12:30-1:05

Grades 7-12: 11:00-11:50 



Contact  Physical Education Academy student coordinator, Morgan Wilson, or , Mr. Dana Zimmerman Coordinator of Homeschool Physical Education Academy.


The following forms need to be completed before students will be allowed to participate in the Physical Education Academy:

Program Requirements

  • Students need to wear tennis shoes and athletic clothing.
  • Students need to be picked up promptly when their class ends.
  • All forms are to be completed and submitted the first day of class.
  • It's recommended that students bring a water bottle with their name on the side.
  • Parking is located in the Q lot area next to North Hall. To park, you must pay a small fee per hour.
  • A waiting list will be established after the first 25 students are admitted to the program.
  • Fees are $15 per student and $5 for each additional sibling. Please make checks out to the UWRF Health and Physical Education Club.