Emergency Response Guide


Response to fire and audible alarm:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station and call 911 from a safe location – give address, location of the fire within the  facility, and your name.   
  3. No employee or student is expected to fight a fire at UWRF.  However, if the fire is small, fire extinguishers could be used to control the fire. Only employees trained to use fire extinguishers should put out a small fire.  
  4. In case of a major fire, do not attempt to extinguish the fire.  Activate the nearest fire pull station and immediately exit the facility. 
  5. Do not allow the fire to come between you and the exit. 
  6. Disconnect electrical equipment if it is on fire and it is safe to do so. 
  7. EVACUATE if you cannot extinguish the fire. 
  8. Do not break windows. 
  9. Do not open a hot door. (Before opening a door, touch it near the top.  If it is hot or if smoke is visible, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR). 
  10. Do not use elevators. 
  11. Do not attempt to save possessions. 
  12. Persons who are unable to evacuate the building under their own power should proceed to the nearest emergency stairwell (area of rescue/refuge).  Whenever possible, someone should remain with the person while another individual exits the building and notifies emergency personnel of the mobility impaired person's exact location. 
  13. Move quickly, in an orderly fashion, to the nearest or designated emergency exit stairwell and then to the outside assembly area.  
  14. Once out of the building, move at least 150 feet away from the structure.  Go directly to the assembly area for a "head count".  Remain clear of parking lots and service roads where emergency response staff are arriving or working. 
  15. Do not return to the affected area until told to by appropriate authorities.  Do not spread rumors.  Once the fire alarm audible signal stops and the visual strobe lights stop flashing, then you may reenter the building.  Listen for announcements that are made through the fire alarm system.

Fire Extinguisher Locations and Areas of Rescue/Refuge

The location of fire extinguishers and facility areas of rescue/refuge are detailed on the "Tornado and Fire Procedures" posted on every floor of the university facilities.