Emergency Response Guide

Work Place Violence

UWRF is committed to providing a safe, violence-free workplace.  Threats, violent behavior, acts of intimidation, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
Employees and visitors may become aware of a violent act by the sounds of an explosion, gunfire, scuffling, or by observation of events that could only be intentional acts of violence. The person(s) who observe(s) these life-threatening acts should immediately call 911.

Law enforcement will attempt to communicate to everyone in the building, to the extent possible as time, capabilities and situations permit that a perpetrator of workplace violence is in the building. This may be done via word of mouth, telephone, text message, email, the Emergency Alert System (EAS), and where applicable, voice enabled fire alarm systems and classroom intercoms.
Different types of workplace violence require different actions.

Disturbing or Disruptive Behavior - Behaviors that do not present an immediate threat to others, but are disruptive to the educational environment, or raise concerns about the welfare of the individual demonstrating the behavior, should be referred to the office of Student Rights & Responsibilities at 715-425-4555.

Explosion - If an explosion occurs, building occupants should leave the building using the same evacuation plan and procedures as they would for a fire.
Physical Threat - If someone’s actions pose a physical threat to you, evacuate the area. Call 911.
Hostage Situation - Immediately vacate the area, take no chances to endanger the life of the hostage or aggravate the situation. Call 911.

In the event someone is hurt and/or a fire is caused by these events, follow the medical emergency and/or fire procedures outlined in this guide.