Emergency Response Guide

Medical Emergency

If you observe a medical emergency on campus, you should call 911 (once you have secured an outside line), even if the victim requests that you not do this. River Falls Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance) only charges if the person is assessed, treated, or transported. A person may refuse any services or transport once the ambulance arrives. You can contact University Police (715-425-3133) to call 911 for you, but staff in University Police and Student Health Services do not have the training and equipment to respond to and treat persons with medical emergencies. It is vital to get trained individuals andappropriate equipment to the scene to assist the victim as soon as possible.

  1. Call 911 for medical assistance and advise dispatch that an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is on the way/at the scene.     Give address, floor, and location.
  2. Send someone to get the AED unit and bring it to the victim.
  3. Send another employee to the building entrance(s) to direct Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel to the scene and to hold elevator(s) at the ground floor.
  4. Begin life-saving measures (CPR, first-aid, etc.).
  5. If victim remains unconscious, use AED (Follow instructions provided by AED unit).
  6. Find out who the victim is and be ready to provide the information to the EMS personnel.
  7. When EMS personnel arrive, transfer the person to them for advanced care.


The locations of AED's are identified on the "Tornado and Fire Procedures" maps posted on every floor of university facilities. First aid kits are available in most administrative offices throughout campus. Please check with your unit's administrative office for the location of the nearest first aid kit.