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How to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair

Prior to the Virtual Fair

Update Your Resume
Remember your resume should be clean, concise and up to date.  Have a digital copy uploaded to your Handshake account for easy employer access. Make sure your resume is a PDF to avoid any digital re-formatting issues. If there are specific employers you are scheduled to chat with during the virtual career fair, make a variation of your resume tailored to each employer that you can send to them as part of your follow-up conversation. Career Services is available for resume appointments, to schedule one today complete our online appointment request form.
Update Your Handshake Profile and Settings
Make sure your Handshake profile is complete and up-to-date. Your Handshake profile helps you get personalized recommendations for upcoming virtual events. Plus, recruiters recruiters use profile fields to find students to invite to their sessions. Don’t let an incomplete or out-of-date profile keep you from getting discovered by recruiters.

  1. Check that the basics are accurate: graduation date, school year, major, GPA and work authorization. 
  2. Select the job types, locations and roles that interest you, so recruiters know which jobs and internships are a good fit for you.
  3. Add your courses, skills, and any previous work experience.

Find out which employers are attending. View the virtual fair details page to see the full list of employers who are hosting sessions. From there, you can click through to each employer’s Handshake page to learn more about them and read reviews from other students. Be sure to sign up early for sessions with the employers you like so you’re guaranteed a spot.

Research the Employers You'll Meet
When you sign up to attend an employer’s virtual fair session, research beyond their Handshake profile. Check out their company website and search online for recent news articles and other relevant information. This will help you think of questions to ask during sessions, and make conversation during one-on-one sessions you may have.

Prepare & Practice Your Introduction
Start by sharing your name, year in school and major, then, talk about the positions you’re interested in, and some relevant skills/experiences. End your introduction with an open ended question to get the employer talking and sharing additional information regarding the position/organization. 

Make a List of Questions
Prepare two or three questions to ask each employer. These should be related to the company or positions you’re interested in. As part of your research before the event, make sure your questions are insightful and not easily answered by looking at their website. Here are some sample questions that might be good to ask:

  • How did your degree help you prepare for the position you are in now?
  • I read that your company just started a project doing _______. What opportunities would an intern have in this project?
  • What do you like most about your job and working for _______?
  • I am interested in following up with you about your job opening. Could you tell me the next steps in the process? And could you give me your email address so that I can follow up with you in a few days?

On the Day of the Fair

Dress professionally
Even though you won’t be meeting employers in person, you’ll want to ditch the sweats for the career fair. Dressing up a bit will make a good first impression with recruiters and employees. Plus, wearing your favorite polished outfit will help boost your confidence in time for the event! 

Find a Quiet Spot & A Neutral Background
Try to limit potential distractions for yourself and for the recruiters. Plan where you will be sitting during the event ahead of time—make sure it’s quiet and there is a plain background behind you. Keep the recruiter’s eye focused on you. UWRF has created appropriate backgrounds that can be accessed online.
Test Your Internet and Video Connections
Have your resume and any other documents you may need uploaded and available on your computer desktop for easy access.  Ensure your Internet connection is functioning and your audio/video is working properly for video conversations. The Twilio test page is a great resource to ensure your technology is functioning at appropriate levels, click here to access.

During your Virtual Sessions

Arrive on Time
It’s very important to show up at your selected session start time. Being on time shows the recruiter or employee ambassador that you’re dependable and respectful of their time as well.

Maintain Eye Contact and Practice Active Listening
Consider smiling and nodding occasionally as you would during an in-person conversation. Limit any distractions around you so that you’re not tempted to look away from your computer screen.

Ask Questions
Bring a list of prepared questions for each session. Having several questions ready will help you in case one or more of the questions are answered early by the employer. Have a pen and paper with you so you can jot down new questions that you think of during the conversation.

After the Fair

View and Apply to Open Jobs or Internships
Keep the momentum going from your meetings with employers. Check out their page on Handshake to see current jobs and internships. Recruiters are logging into Handshake daily to find students for open jobs—so it’s the best place to apply! If you’re not ready to apply yet, save the jobs you like so you’ll get notifications to apply before the deadlines. Find tips for applying to jobs on Handshake here.

Follow Up
If you received contact information from a company representative, send them an email following your conversation. Reintroduce yourself (they will chat with many students at the fair) and thank them for their time. Use your notes to recall something that you discussed or enjoyed about the conversation, and let them know you’re interested in moving to the next step in the process.

Online Resources Offered by Career Services

Career Services Appointments

If you still have questions about how to prepare for the Career Fair, you may set up an appointment with one of Career Services’ Peer Career Consultants or Career Consultants by calling 715-425-3572 or visiting 187 Rodli Hall.

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