Civilian Conservation Corps Records

Available at the UWRF Archives and Area Research Center

This is a small sample of available materials. Use the UWRF AtoM online catalog or Primo to search for additional materials on the CCC.

  • Civilian Conservation Corps, Camp Ellsworth, Wisconsin, Company #3669-SCS-3, 1935-1942, by Edwin W. Reich (S 932.W5 .R45 2001)
  • Oral history interviews with Betsy Peck and with Dr. Marvin Thompson, located in the UWRF Oral History Project interviews, 1969-circa 1978
  • Pigeon Lake/Clam Lake Field Station Records, 1959-1997 (UWRF Series 132) - these two facilities were originally built as CCC camps; photographs of Pigeon Lake and Clam Lake, including a few of CCC-built buildings, are in UWRF Series 26 
  • The Power of Sand: Burnett County and the Civilian Conservation Corps, by Carole M. Fure (F 587.B95 F87 2004)
  • Collection of Civilian Conservation Corps Camp publications, 1934-1941.
  • Evert family Papers, 1880-1943, contains letters from Frederick V. Evert, Jr., of Siren, Wis., primarily concerning his work during the 1930s in the CCC and as an agricultural and forestry agent in Burnett County. (Mss 964). 

At the National Archives

In June of 2009, CCC records held in the name of the CCC by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), were transferred to the custody of the National Archives and Records Administration. 

There is a fee associated with getting copies of the records of individuals who served in the CCC. These fees are authorized under the 44 U.S.C. 2116 (c) which authorizes NARA to charge a fee to the public for making or authenticating copies or reproduction of material transferred to the NARA's custody.

Fee schedule: 

  • Five and fewer pages is $20.00
  • Six and more pages is $60.00.  It should be noted that most CCC records are more than five pages so requesters can generally expect a fee of $60.00.

Please provide the following information:

  • Enrollee name:  Last, First, Middle  or, nickname
  • Birth date: 
  • Branch of Service:  Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Separation Date: 
  • Location of the camp: if known
  • Proof of death: is no longer required, but it can help to expedite the process. 

Make a copy of your request for your file.  Sign and date your request and mail to: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) National Personnel Records Center 111 Winnebago Street St. Louis, MO 63118. Phone: (314) 801-9250, Fax: (314) 801-9270. Fax requests will be accepted but a signature must be included. Notification of fees and payment methods will be sent to the requester as part of the case processing. 

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 Pigeon Lake Field Station
           Pigeon Lake Field Station,
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