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Licensing of UWRF Registered Marks


Use of Registered Marks

All logos, seals, wordmarks, names, symbols and slogans associated with UW-River Falls are registered trademarks with the State of Wisconsin and are the exclusive property of UW-River Falls. Use of these marks on items for resale or other commercial purposes or internal use must have university authorization.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration is responsible for protecting the use of UW-River Falls marks and for licensing commercial use of these marks. In partnership with CLC Learfield IMG College, UWRF's licensing program provides the university with control over its logos and marks. All artwork must be submitted for approval before production can begin. This policy applies to on-campus units and organizations as well as off-campus vendors.

On-campus Units and Organizations
University of Wisconsin-River Falls student organizations must seek approval through the Office of Student Affairs of their designs prior to sending the artwork to a licensed vendor for production. Academic departments and administrative offices must select a licensed vendor.

Off-campus Vendors
Licensed vendors must submit proposed artwork through Learfield Licensing Partners. Once the vendor receives authorization, the vendor may produce and sell the merchandise. All orders over $5,000 must be bid.




Only licensed vendors may produce items bearing the university marks.

For a list of UW-River Falls licensed vendors, go to and scroll down to Wisconsin, River Falls to generate the licensed vendor list.

Any reproduction of a registered university mark is subject to licensing agreements. Editorial use for publicity, identification and public information is not affected by the trademark program. With the UW-River Falls licensing agreement, however, athletics insignias and the institutions primary identity marks are protected from non-authorized commercial use. All products, therefore, (e.g. apparel, mugs, collectibles, etc) imprinted with any of the institution's primary identity marks are subject to the licensing program and must be produced by a licensed vendor. However, only those products that are for commercial use (i.e. for sale to the public) would be subject to royalty payments through the licensed vendor. CLC Learfield IMG College is the licensing agent for the university. As such, CLC Learfield IMG College is responsible for administering the licensing program including processing applications, collecting royalties and enforcing proper usage.  

Apply to become a licensed vendor by visiting "Get Licensed" on for complete information and the application process.





All licensed commercial goods (manufactured for sale to the public) are subject to a royalty. If the item is for resale, the vendor will add a royalty fee to the production cost, and the on-campus client will be billed accordingly.

UW-River Falls may grant exceptions from royalty payments in the following cases:

  • Goods purchased for UW-River Falls faculty and staff for internal use
  • Items that are given away
  • Goods purchased by student organizations that are not for resale. 

All goods bearing UW-River Falls registered marks must follow the normal approval process whether exempted from royalties or not. Licensed vendors are required to report royalties to the university each quarter through CLC Learfield IMG College.



Guidelines for Use of Marks / Digital Art


The correct use of university marks is required when producing licensed products. Vendors will receive a username and password for CLC Learfield IMG College website that contains UWRF logos, seals, wordmarks, symbols, etc. When incorporating these marks into their designs, vendors must conform to guidelines established by the university.




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CLC Learfield IMG College
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