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Competition Review Committee
September 14, 2017


Competition Review Committee:  


In accordance with Regent Policy Document 12-1, the Competition Review Committee shall provide guidance to the chancellor to determine whether products and services provided to students, faculty, staff, private organizations, or the public at large might compete with similar products or services offered by the private sector.


Committee Membership will be:


1.    One cabinet member appointed by the chancellor as chair of the committee
2.    One representative from the private sector appointed by the chancellor
3.    One representative from the general public appointed by the chancellor
4.    One faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate
5.    One academic staff member appointed by the Academic Staff Council
6.    One university staff member appointed by the University Staff Senate
7.    One student member appointed by the Student Senate


Committee Charge:


The chancellor will refer to the institutional competition review committee all major new potentially competitive activities.  In addition, s/he shall also refer all ongoing activities whose appropriateness or pricing has been questioned.  Under normal circumstances, the chancellor’s referral to the competition review committee’s chairperson will be made within two weeks after the chancellor is first informed of a complaint or proposal brought forward by a member of the private sector or general public.  The chancellor will send a letter to the person making the proposal or complaint which states that the issue has been referred to the competition review committee and which includes as an enclosure a copy of the Board of Regents’ policy.  Upon referral from the chancellor, the chairperson of the competition review committee will schedule a meeting of the committee at the earliest possible convenience of the committee’s members.  Using the “Criteria for Judging the Appropriateness of Competitive Activities” and the “Pricing Policies” found in Regent Policy Document 12-1, the committee’s charge will be to:

  1. Examine the issues involved in the institution offering major new potentially competitive activities and ongoing activities whose appropriateness has been questioned.
  2. Review the pricing structure of major new activities and ongoing sales activities whose appropriateness or pricing has been questioned.
  3. Recommend to the chancellor, in a timely manner, a course of action which specifically addresses (a) whether the activity should be implemented or continued and (b) whether the pricing of the products and services is appropriate.



The chancellor will determine whether the institution will become involved with the new activity or continue an ongoing activity and whether changes should be made to the pricing of products and services.  Under normal circumstances, the chancellor will announce his/her decision within two weeks after receiving the recommendation of the committee.  The chancellor will send a letter explaining his/her decision to the person making the proposal or complaint.


The chancellor’s decision may be appealed to the University of Wisconsin System President.  If a satisfactory resolution cannot be developed, an appeal can be made to the Board of Regents by addressing a letter to the Secretary of the Board.


Committee Membership (as of November 2017):


Cabinet member, chair of the committee
Private sector representative
General public representative
One faculty member
Academic Staff Council representative
University Staff Senate representative
Student Senate representative

For a current listing of member representatives, please visit the Committee Listing page and choose the current year.

UWRF Faculty Senate Motion 2017-18/18
Signed by Chancellor Van Galen 9/14/17

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