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Student/Intern Teaching Application Process


The application process must be completed the semester prior to that in which you plan to student teach (Spring Semester for Fall Placement, Fall for Spring Placement).  All documents must be submitted on-time to secure you a Student Teaching Placement. Students who fail to complete all requirements on time may be required to delay their student teaching to a later semester.

The application process occurs in two stages. The first stage is generally due on the second Friday in the semester prior to student teaching. The second stage occurs closer to the start of the student teaching semester. Please check with the agricultural education department for specific deadlines.

Stage One: Student/Intern Teaching

Student/Intern Teaching

Stage One Procedures

All steps must be completed by 4:00 p.m. central time on the due date.

Step 1 - Send Dr. Buttles an e-mail message asking to be added to the Ag Ed Student Teaching Applications site in D2L. Include your campus ID number in the message.

Step 2 - Complete the following documents, print, sign and turn in to Dr. Graham's mailbox:

  1. Questionnaire
  2. Records Release Authorization

Step 3- Complete the following documents and submit to the Student Teaching Application folder in the dropbox located in the Ag Ed Student Teaching Applications D2L site:

Note: Items 3 and 4 will be sent to your cooperating teacher and university supervisor.

1. Field Experience Hours - Must have at least 113 hours working with school age youth before the start of the student teaching placement. Field experiences must take place in approved placements. Most of these hours will be completed as part of required courses.

2. Occupation Experience Hours - Must have at least 2,000 hours before the start of your student teaching placement. Note: Please review the Occupation Experience Policy for details on this requirement.

3. Current Resume, formatted for an education related position.

Review the Resumes for School Districts guide on the Education Majors section of the UWRF Career Services Web Site for a guide to writing education related resumes. You should also utilize the Resume Critique services offered by Career Services.

4. Student/Intern Teacher Information Sheet

  • Step 4 - Complete the Student Teaching Intent Survey in D2L.


Additional Requirements

The following items are not part of the application process, but must also be completed to receive a student teaching placement:

  • Content Knowledge - Starting in fall of 2017, multiple pathways will be available to demonstrate content knowledge. More information will be provided when a campus policy has been adopted. Prior to July of 2017, a qualifying score for the Praxis ag education content test (formerly called Praxis II) must have been posted in eSIS to secure a placement. Additional information is provided on the UWRF Educator Preparation Program website.

Date Taken

Qualifying Score

Between September 1, 2014 and July 1, 2017


Prior to September 1, 2014




One additional item is not required at this time, but will need to be met before you can start your student teaching placement: 

  • Negative TB Test - Written verification of a current (no more than 90 days prior to the start of the student teaching) negative tuberculin test. Note: Allow at two visits to the medical provider, with at least 3 days between visits.

Successful completion of a student teaching placement includes submitting and receiving a passing score on the edTPA. The details of this requirement will be provided during the student teaching seminars and in the agricultural education student teaching handbook.

Stage Two: Student/Intern Teaching


Student/Intern Teaching

Stage Two Information

The following items need to be received by the UWRF Agricultural Education Department before you can begin student teaching. These items must be submitted by the August orientation seminar for fall placements and by the last day of fall semester final exams for spring semester placements.
  1. Negative TB Test - Written verification of a current (no more than 90 days prior to the start of the student teaching date) negative tuberculin test must be submitted to the Agricultural Education department office. Note: Allow at least 3 days for completion.
  2. Field Experience Hours - Update the file submitted with your student teaching application. Submit to the Stage 2 Documents folder in the D2L Ag Education Student Teaching Applications site.
  3. Occupation Experience Hours -Update the file submitted with your student teaching application. Submit to the Stage 2 Documents folder in the D2L Ag Education Student Teaching Applications site.
  4. Criminal Background Check - An updated national criminal background check must be submitted. The CEPS Dean's Office will send the information directly by email.
  5. Completed Certification Portfolio - All standards in the certification portfolio must be approved.

Ag Ed Student Teaching Timeline

  • Applications must be submitted the semester before planning to student teach. Those planning to complete part of their experience in another country through the COST Program need to start working with that program at least a year in advance.
  • Intern placements are selected by the school offering the intern position. The agricultural education department will share intern information with candidates who are approved to apply.
  • Teacher candidates will be notified by the agricultural education department after placements have been approved by the host school. The candidiate then contacts the cooperating teacher(s).
  • Placements follow the host school calendary, not the UWRF calendar.
  • Teacher candidates will return to campus for 3-4 professional development seminars during the placement. Dates will be provided at the orientation meeting.

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