Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching

COST information meeting
Thursday, October 5
3:30 - 4:30 p.m. in WEB 116
Mandatory meeting for Fall 2018 - 19 student teachers
Please contact Elisa Lindau at
with further questions

The Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching enables students to spend a semester abroad practicing their teaching skills in a unique environment. Teacher candidates are placed in countries on six continents where English is the language of instruction, such as Taiwan, South Africa, India, the Netherlands, Germany and Costa Rica. UW-River Falls is one of just 15 colleges and universities in the nation to offer an overseas student teaching experience.

To Participate: 

  • It is mandatory that students attend the COST meeting scheduled one year prior to the semester in which student teaching takes place. The meeting for fall is in late September and for spring in mid to late February. Check this website and look for posters announcing the meeting in the lobby of the Wyman Education Building.
  • Teacher Education students must be cleared through the College of Education and Professional Studies.
  • Candidates must complete the first half of their student teaching in the United States. Students must apply for student teaching one year in advance of the intended student teaching semester and for both United States and overseas teaching at the same time.
  • All UW-River Falls standard eligibility requirements must be met.
  • Those accepted need to demonstrate above average ability, good character, flexibility and strong motivation.

Benefits of the Consortium for Overseas Teaching: 

  • Provides an opportunity for teaching candidates to practice their skills in a unique environment.
  • Gain non-U.S. perspectives on world events.
  • Acquire an appreciation of the differences in family life between the U.S. and the host country through a host-family community setting.
  • Allows participants to bring an international knowledge and perspective to their instruction in the U.S. Teach in a bicultural and/or bilingual setting.
  • The program promotes global understanding, intercultural communication and a meaningful educational experience.


Please Note:

  • The UW-River Falls Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching, or COST, program is unique to our university. Information found on other COST websites is not necessarily pertinent to our program.
  • The best way to get information about the UWRF COST program is to attend a mandatory meeting one year prior to the semester you would like to teach overseas. Check this website for dates and details.
  • For answers to other questions, visit the FAQs.