Agricultural Education

Occupational Experience Policy

2,000 Total Hours in Ag Related Occupations must be completed prior to student teaching.

Occupational Experience Policy Details

Record all of your information. Maintain copies of any documents verifying your hours (pay stubs, FFA Award applications, etc.)

Guidelines for Occupational Hours:

  • Hours must cover at least 2 of the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster Pathways
  • Agricultural Communications and Leadership Development count as pathway #8
  • At least 600 hours must be in the second pathway
  • Up to 600 hours can be counted from ages 15-18
  • The first 200 hours of an approved Internship experience taken for credit can be multiplied by three, with any additional internship hours added to that number
    • For example, an internship experience of 335 hours would count as 735 occupational hours: 200*3 + (335-200) = 600 + 135 = 735. An 185 hour internship would count as 555 occupational hours (185*3)
  • Experience from over 10 years before the time of applying to student teach cannot be used

This policy meets the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requirement for teachers of agricultural education to have the equivalent of a VOCATIONAL EDUCATION supplemental license (PI 34.33(8)).

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