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How does textbook rental work?

Instructors are sent forms each semester and they let us know which textbooks and other learning resources they want us to issue for their classes.  We order the textbooks, process them, and put them on the shelf.   

Students come to Textbook Services and use their ID card to get a printout of the books required for the semester.  We have all the required information in our system, so students do not need to have a schedule, list of books, or anything else to pick up books.  The only thing required is a photo ID.

Once the book list is printed, the books are gathered from the stacks.  Our books are arranged in a numerical system, so it is as easy as counting.  Once all books are gathered, students will go to the checkout terminals and a staff member will check out the books.  Each book has a unique ID assigned to it, and you are responsible for returning that exact book.  

Returning a different copy of the book does not excuse you from the liability of returning the one you originally checked out on your record.  If you think you may have gotten your book mixed up with someone else you may call Textbook Services at 715-425-3106. and we will be able to tell you which copy is checked out to you.

Who can use Textbook Services?

All undergraduate students or special students who pay undergraduate fees may use the textbook rental program.  Graduate students enrolled in undergraduate classes may rent the books, but they pay a rental fee based on the cost of each book rented.

Why can't graduate students use the textbook rental program?

Graduate students do no pay a textbook rental fee as a part of their tuition.  This is why graduate students purchase most of their textbooks, usually at the Falcon Shop/bookstore.  Undergraduates may not check out books for  graduate students and will be charged for the textbooks if they do so.

Most textbooks for graduate students are available for purchase in the Falcon Shop in the University Center.  Graduate students taking undergraduate courses may rent texts from Textbook Services.  Texts for "slash" courses may be rented only after all undergraduate requirements for the text have been met.  A graduate rental fee ($2-$30 per book, based on the list price of the book) is collect at Textbook Services at the time the materials are checked out.  All check out and return policies and procedure that apply to undergraduate students also apply to graduate students.  See Student Policies for the corresponding policies.

How much do I have to pay?

A textbook rental fee of $76.01 per semester, for a full-time undergraduate student, is charged for the rental service.  Part-time undergraduate students pay a lower amount which is based on the number of credits they are taking.  The reduced fees can be found in the FAQ "What if I'm not a full-time student?".

For most classes, textbook rental fees are paid as a part of tuition.  Additional fees may be charged for damaging textbooks and late returns.

Forms of payment accepted include cash, check, money order, debit cards, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover).  We cannot accept American Express or Falcon Dollars.

What if I'm not a full-time student?

 Undergraduate students who are not full-time (12 credits or more) may still rent textbooks.  The rental fees are as follows:

 8 or more credits


 7 credits 


 6 credits


 5 credits


 4 credits


 3 credits


 2 credits


 1 credit



Where is Textbook Services located?

We are located in the basement of Hagestad Hall

What will I need to bring when I pick up my books?

You MUST have your student ID or other legal photo ID every time you check out a textbook.  you will not be able to check out books without one of these items.  You may, however, return books without your student ID or other photo ID.

The fee for renting textbooks in paid with tuition.  There is no money due when books are picked up.

Can I check out books for classes I'm not enrolled in?

We ask that students wait one to two weeks after the first day of classes to check out any extra books.  This allows us to ensure all enrolled students have the required materials for class.  We will make exceptions to this rule if the book is not being used for the current semester or if we clearly have more than enough copies for the class. 

May I buy any of my rental books if I want to keep them?

Most of the time, yes, you may buy any of your textbooks.  The exception is if the book is out of print.  We need to keep all of the copies possible since we may not be able to purchase any more.  If you wish to purchase your books, be sure to watch for our textbook sales each semester- October 1-November 30 for the fall semester; February 1-May 30 for the spring semester; June 1-July 31 for summer sessions.  You must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student to purchase textbooks.

We also have copies of discontinued books, which are books that were formerly used in classes but have been discontinued in favor of a new edition or different textbook.  Discontinued textbooks are priced from $.25 to several dollars per copy.  They are on display and for sale here at Textbook Services.  By purchasing discontinued textbooks, you may build a professional library for a very reasonable cost.

Will all of my books come from Textbook Services?

No, not all books come from Textbook Services.  Sometimes instructors will ask you to get lab manuals, novels, or other supplemental books or materials that you will need to purchase (usually in the Falcon Shop in the University Center).  You should always start in Textbook Services though, as we nearly always carry the main texts for your courses. 

How will I know what I can rent and what I have to purchase?

If you are an undergraduate student, it is best to start in Textbook Services and then check your course syllabus or with your professor to see if there are texts, study guides, workbooks, etc. that you may want to purchase in the Falcon Shop or online.  We have friendly, trained staff to help you out so please don't hesitate to ask.

If you are a graduate student, it is better to start at the Falcon Shop in the University Center. 

Still have questions?

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.  You may either call or email.  


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